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Chicago’s prolific house music producer, Roy Davis Jr., is still on point, even after decades of strong influence in the scene. His newest release comes as a remix of Kim Anh’s “Shadows,” and he easily does justice to the original, while giving it his own flair. On his remix, Roy Davis Jr. keeps the soulful, psychedelic vibes strong with a smooth four-on-the-floor rhythm that’s accented by strings, phaser-ed guitar work, and chopped n’ screwed vocals. Enjoy below and buy it on iTunes.

Scion A/V is at it again with their latest release by Chicago house master Roy Davis, Jr. ft. Bear Who? The release comes along with some super groovy remixes from GDD™ favorites including Treasure Fingers, Mighty Mouse, and Junior Sanchez. Give these guys a listen and casually sip that Corona with lime. Happy Cinco de Mayo to all of you!

A little harder than those above. Barletta is now singing on his tracks with his girlfriend and they go by the name Easy. Pretty neat! You might remember the original track from ‘It’s All Gone Pete Tong’.