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London’s Ollie “Skream” Jones built a name for himself early on as a producer at the forefront of the dubstep movement. With his many hits, specifically his festival anthem remix of La Roux’s “In For The Kill,” support on BBC Radio 1, radio show on Rinse FM, and involvement in the supergroup Magnetic Man, he can be credited for creating mass appeal for the once underground genre. Despite his great success in dubstep, he has maintained his forward-thinking tastemaker status and reinvented himself in the disco/house scene. Now producing tracks like his most recent single, “Rollercoaster” featuring Sam Frank, Skream is well on his way to establishing another legacy of timeless dance classics.

We were able to sit down with Skream at HARD Day of the Dead to chat about everything from how he has dealt with his fans who aren’t so happy with his change in genres to the forthcoming Magnetic Man album. Read up on our conversation after the jump.

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For anyone still hating on Skream because he’s not making only Dubstep anymore, shut up. Just shut the fuck up. His new track, “Rollercoaster,” just premiered today with Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1, featuring Sam Frank and a vibe that is 100% fit for a cocaine-sponsored 80s roller disco. “Rollercoaster” illuminates two important things about Skream: 1) his inherent ability to accept inspiration from multiple sources and create music in all forms and 2) his ballsy-ness for just doing what he wants to do musically. Big up Ollie we’re down with it. √+