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Miami Horror will be releasing the Wild Motion EP ahead of their sophomore album due out late this year, equipped with remixes from Pete Herbert, RAC, and this retro-vibe take from Chicago’s Rogue Vogue. Strapped with an energetic lead synth and a 90s house hi hat shuffle, Rogue Vogue’s remix highlights the singalong vocals from Miami Horror while incorporating his signature Chicago-infused style.

Stream/download below.

Rogue Vogue x Cyclist

While the new Cyclist remix of “Until the Dawn” by Rogue Vogue (feat. Patrick Baker) will certainly make you boogie & fill you full of 80s nostalgia, the track evokes a more specific 80s memory for me.  Cyclist’s remix conjures up the persona of some of my favorite 80s anti-heroes & reminds me of all things that made me want to be like them when I was younger.  They were the type of anti-heroes who armed themselves with self-deprecating humor & absurdity who somehow always managed to be the coolest person in the room.  Ridiculous & witty, always managing to get the girl & solve the case.  Acting a fool but playing it cool.  Not an easy thing to do.  The Cyclist remix of “Until the Dawn” evokes memories of movies that starred these type of anti-heroes.  Movies (with underrated soundtracks) like “Fletch” or “Real Genius”.  They were playful & upbeat yet somehow mysterious & seductive.

It’s difficult for me to accept the “this song has an 80s vibe to it” generalization and just leave it at that.  Sometimes specificity (even if it’s something as absurd as comparing the song to a Chevy Chase film) is the only way to let someone know that a song brings out the 80s anti-hero in them.

The “Until the Dawn” EP featuring remixes by Cyclist & BRONX is out February 6th via Kiez Beats.
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Chicago’s Rogue Vogue returns with yet another groovy House cut; this time featuring Nashville vocalist Patrick Baker whose passionate delivery is reminiscent of the legendary Todd Edwards. This is the first time Rogue Vogue has collaborated on an original production with a vocalist — his past offerings have been mostly sample based — but the outcome is a success without question. It’s always nice to be able to sing along to a House track, and Rogue Vogue serves it up nicely with “Until The Dawn.” Download it here√+

Last month, HeavyRoc Music released the first single ever from new Brooklyn duo, Follow Me, and the vocal Nu Disco jam has received some serious attention over the past 3 weeks, racking up almost 90K plays already via the guys’ Soundcloud. Today, we’ve teamed up with our pal Rogue Vogue over in Chicago who has put his unfailing, magical touch on “Something About You,” with signature Rogue Vogue House vibes and deep vocal cuts. Pick this one up and get out in the sun this weekend. √+

GDD™ favorite Rogue Vogue is out with another firing remix; this time for Germany’s Satin Jackets‘ new single ‘Only You’ coming out tomorrow on Deep&Disco Recordings. The remix originally premiered on The Magician’s Mixtape Thirty-One, so it obviously carries some instant clout + credibility. Stream it below and pick it up tomorrow! √+

Funktastic Brooklyn duo, French Horn Rebellion, put up their latest single, “Girls,” for free via Soundcloud last week, and it’s a fun, feel-good track made complete by verses from Le Tigre’s JD Samson and southern rap talent, Fat Tony. Catchy, lighthearted, and genuinely entertaining, “Girls” is accompanied by a remix from GDD™ favorite, Rogue Vogue, out of Chicago who tastefully chops up the vocals of the original and adds his signature disco groove style on top. Listen below and download here.

Rogue Vogue is back with another feel-good track titled “Feel Love,” which he’s giving away as a free download along with an amazing music video utilizing vintage footage from what seems to be the best party ever. A master at finding samples, RV once again turns some classic vocals into a vibey, Disco House jam. If you need some new dance moves to add to the arsenal for this weekend, watch the video and you’ll be sure to find some new ways to shake it. √+

Is there anything better than sexy House music featuring a saxophone? The answer is “No, there isn’t.” One of my favorite artists out of Chicago, Rogue Vogue, just added another jam to his panty-droppin’ arsenal of tunes. This time, he’s taken the reins of Belgian duo Tempogeist‘s single “Hold On” featuring vocalist Samuel, adding in an impeccable saxophone touch with a pitched down vocal. Keep on goin’ all night long… √+


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Chicago’s Rogue Vogue recently put together a short mix for the CC:Disco! radio show on Kiss FM in Melbourne, and it’s 20+ minutes of straight-up soulful House music, including two fantastic originals from the groovy producer. Have a listen and you’ll find (as I did) that you might want to give it a few plays in a row.

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Fixtapes are Mixtapes geared specifically for your ride. This tape is about constant motion and positive vibes to keep your legs cranking while your heart is pumping. It’s a new series by the Sole Bicycle guys which will feature a new artist every month resulting in quite an awesome compilation. I, Tropicool, was lucky enough to kick things off with Volume One. Enjoi!

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