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Our good friends over at Electric Sound Stage are sending one lucky listener and a friend to see Roger Sanchez LIVE in Las Vegas at the Palms Casino Resort on September 1, 2012! The prize pack includes:

• Roundtrip coach airfare for two (2) provided by Orbitz.com
• Two (2) nights hotel accommodations at the Palms
• Two (2) VIP tickets to see Roger Sanchez LIVE from his private section
• A meet and greet with Roger!

All you have to do is go to this site and enter for your chance to win! Do this NOW for your chance to see a living legend in one of the biggest party spots on Earth!

We can’t even begin to tell you how excited we are to be bringing VS. back home to the West Side for good. On behalf of Gotta Dance Dirty and DANCEiSM, we thank you so much for supporting our move downtown, but we have realized that The Central Social Aide & Pleasure Club is where this party needs to be. So Los Angeles, this week we welcome a HUGE comeback show with our buddy (and current Penthouse roommate) Nom De Strip, who’s here all the way from Scotland to make this Thursday the best VS. we’ve ever had. If you’re heading to EDC this weekend in Vegas, warm up those dancing shoes before the hot drive out. If you’re not going to EDC, come out and see one of the best up and coming producers out there. It’s a win-win kiddos. Supporting the Scot will be your favorite residents, ///BONES and Ben Oprstu, as well as our friends The KiD and Zhu.

The party will be FREE before 11PM, but you MUST RSVP at DANCEiSM.com.

The Central: Social Aid & Pleasure Club
1348 14th St., Santa Monica, CA 90404
Thursday, May 26th
9:30PM-2:00AM, 21+

9:30-10:15 • Ben Oprstu
10:15-11:00 • ///BONES
11:00-11:45 • The KiD
11:45-1:00AM • Nom De Strip
1:00AM-1:45AM • Zhu

Roger Sanchez ft. Mobin Masters & MC Flipside – Worldwide (Coucheron Mix) √+
Boy 8-Bit – Black Satanic Mysticism (Original Mix)



photo cred: Al Powers

I am so glad that I am no longer in college because the commencement of my summer is now completely dependent on the weather. With that said, it is a lovely 87ºF today in sunny, sweaty Los Angeles, which means it is time to put away the pea coats and bring on the boardies + bikinis. The month of April is now over, and in Las Vegas, pools have opened and day parties are in full swing. If you recall earlier this year, a few of us were lucky enough to head out to the brand new Marquee nightclub in the Cosmopolitan Hotel to do a review of the production and main resident Roger Sanchez. Well, after seeing what they had to offer in January, both aesthetically and musically, the only thing on our minds was splashing around in that pool to some big tunes this summer.

Now, with Memorial Day creeping around the corner with a PBR tall boy in one hand and an American flag bikini in the other, Marquee will be presenting one of the finest weekend nightclub and dayclub lineups on or off the strip. Artists on hand will include Fatboy Slim, Chuckie, Roger Sanchez, Above & Beyond, Armin van Buuren, ATB, Cedric Gervais, Laidback Luke, Robbie Rivera, and more.

GDD™ will be giving away 2 passes for all Marquee Dayclub and Nightclub ‘United’ events for THE ENTIRE WEEKEND (4 days!). After testing the waters on our Facebook earlier today, it’s clear that many of you will be making the sinful trip out to the desert for the weekend, but for others, this could just be your reason to go. See below for entry details…

To enter to win…
• You must ‘Like’ the Gotta Dance Dirty and Marquee Facebook pages
• Tag both GDD and Marquee in your status mentioning the contest/how badly you want to win/how awesome Vegas is/how awesome GDD is/etc.
• For bonus points, you may tag GDD and include the craziest picture you have of you and/or your friends in Vegas from a past trip. If you’ve never been to Vegas, don’t worry it’s not a requirement. We just enjoy seeing our readers be as wild as us :)

Winner will be announced one week from today, so grab this new Vegas mix on URB from Fatboy Slim to get you ready!


After receiving bags of kudos for his recent ‘Daddy Cool’ remix with Riz, Stealth label’s Chris Moody has just unleashed the first of his Moodcast mix series, treating you to an hour of unadulterated big room vibes that are guaranteed to get you hyped for summer:

Chris Moody – Moodcast #1 – FREE DOWNLOAD by Djchrismoody

track list after the jump.

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LOS ANGELES: Fresh off Miami’s most massive, Roger Sanchez is at The Music Box Hollywood tomorrow.  Stop by if you’re in the mood for big bass, hands-in-the-air grooves and a long night of solid house.  If you’ve caught any of his recent residency at our sexy new favorite “Vegas-does-Vegas” club Marquee, you’ll love a taste of the big party at home before he sets off on his next global jaunt.

Tickets and info here

Read more for full tour dates…

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More goodies from the S-Man himself as he prepares for Miami Music Week and the start of his North American tour.  In anticipation of the upcoming release of Roger’s track “2Gether” in the UK, this week’s download is a remix of “2Gether” by Steven Lee & Salvatore LoGrasso.

As with last week, you know the deal: head over to his facebook to snag the exclusive √+ download and stay tuned for next Tuesday’s release.

And, of course, if you’ll be in Miami be sure to catch him at Ultra Music Festival and the official Stealth Afterparty.  Dates and details after the jump.

All my best,


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• Roger Sanchez – Computabank

Roger Sanchez, one of the pioneers of house music, has started a new feature on his Facebook page called “2Gether Tuesday“.  Every Tuesday between now and Ultra Music Festival, Roger will be giving away a free track or mix leading up to the announcement of his forthcoming album.  To start it off, we’re taking it back to 2001 with the track “Computabank”.  Even though this track was released 10 years ago, it has a smooth & funky electro sound that made it well ahead of its time.  Head over to Roger’s Facebook page every week to get the latest giveaway.  We at GDD of course love clever social media and I gotta give this campaign a wholehearted √+.

Following the success of his Justice vs. Simian remix last year, New Yorker Chris Moody has been hard at work on collaborations and remixes for the likes of Steve Angello, Roger Sanchez, and Tiesto. It gives us great pleasure to deliver his new track with fellow New Yorker DJ Riz: a fresh take on Boney M‘s ‘Daddy Cool’. The pair have taken the legendary disco groove to big room proportions, and the result’s a feel-good club banger. Rest assured, you’ll be hearing this tune destroying a dancefloor near you very soon:
Boney M – Daddy Cool (Chris Moody and Dj Riz Mix) by GDD-sweetfa

Boney M – Daddy Cool (Chris Moody & Riz Mix)

Also scope out the vid which features original Boney M member Bobby Farrell who sadly passed away in December, may he rest in peace:

Dope disco vibes to start the weekend on a flyer.
Enjoy yourselves,


In January, a few core members of the GDD™ crew ventured into the Nevadan desert in pursuit of higher levels of party. Vegas was our destination, and we were there on *coughs* business, to review Marquee, the brand new super-club from the TAO group. Marquee’s inside the Cosmopolitan, a brand new hotel and casino on the Strip, and opened on New Year’s Eve with a Subliminal Session from Erick Morillo, alongside cameos from Jay-Z, Kanye West and members of Coldplay. As expected from both Vegas and the TAO group, no expense has been spared with this incredible venue which boasts one of the most impressive residential lineups outside of Ibiza, including:
Above & BeyondATB / BT / Chuckie / Cosmic Gate / Dirty South / EC TwinsErick MorilloGareth EmeryKaskadeMarkus SchulzRoger SanchezSander Van Doorn,  each joined by a grip of outside talent. Continue Reading

Last week, I said we’d be changing it up with our next interview, so we’re doing just that. I was lucky enough to catch up with Ibiza House legend Roger Sanchez a few weeks ago, to talk about new material, DJ polls and his forthcoming residency in Vegas. Here’s how it played out…

GDD™: Roger, how’s it going?

Roger Sanchez: Good man, very well, how about yourself?

GDD™: Very well indeed, mate. Thanks for taking the time. Where in the world are you at the moment?

RS: Right now, I’m at the airport in New York, getting ready to go to Bolivia.

GDD™: Starting from the beginning: How well did New York City serve as a launch pad for your DJing career?

RS: New York City was very important, because it was the home of house music, hip-hop, break dancing and all the different things that culturally formed me in my early years – musically speaking . Then that really impacted on what I decided to do from a production standpoint later on. The house scene and everything, was from here in New York.

GDD™: I understand you initially started off in art and design, how did you fall into the world of music?

RS: Well, I used to break dance. That all really started when I was in high school of art and design, so that’s what really got me in to it. From break dancing, I got into DJing, and we used to have little battles outside of art and design, then I started doing events and house parties in my home town of Queens and that’s really how it all got started for me in the art scene there.

GDD™: I read somewhere that you were initially enrolled to study architecture and yet you still managed to find music from there?

RS: Well the interesting thing is all the arts are in some way interrelated, and one of the ways in which the industry created atmosphere was that you had a lot of artists who were also graffiti artists, that turned into break dancers, and so I think it’s one of the interesting things from that subculture that really became a major part of our scene.

GDD™: From what I hear, it still seems to continue in New York City, it seems pivotal?

RS: Well the interesting thing is, now it’s a little bit different from when I was growing up. What’s happened now, more than anything, the breakdance scene has become more like the cool kids; the new kids taking it to a more club environment. The scene now is not the full-on culture that it was back then – now it’s hip-hop mixed with everything, but back then it was more of a movement.

GDD™: You’re releasing a new record soon on your Stealth label – when’s that out and what can we expect? I hear there are some big name collaborations you’ve got going on?

RS: Definitely, well the next single is coming out November 9, and that’s with this band called Far East Movement, they have the number one record right now in the States. I’m then doing stuff with Maroon 5, Taio Cruz, a lot of different artists right now.

GDD™: You’ve had a really colorful career so far, but where do you consider to be your home away from home?

RS: Probably Ibiza, where I have a house. I’m there the entire summer time, so I think that really qualifies as my home away from home.

GDD™: I understand you have a family, and that your job dictates for you to travel the world, as well as pretty much live in Ibiza each summer – have you ever reached the point where you might have to stop DJing, almost a breaking point in your career?

RS: The difficult thing is to be able to have a family and do this effectively. I haven’t reached the point with DJing, but it’s definitely gotten to the point where I need to rebalance everything so that I can spend quality family time as much as working. My wife understands the necessity for doing what we do, it’s how we live and how we eat – at the same time, it’s who I am. So you know, I’m still in the process, I’ll let you know in a year or so [laughs]. I’ll figure it out.

GDD™: So when you’re trying to get away from the world of work, how do you kick back and relax?

RS: I personally like to hang out on a beach – Places like Thailand or the Caribbean, and then we’ll do a cultural city like Paris or Rome, so it’s a balance between the two.

GDD™: I was at DJMag’s Top 100 awards ceremony last night. If I put it bluntly, it didn’t really seem like a full representation of the plethora of electronic artists out there. How well do you think those types of polls represent the electronic genre, and how seriously do you take them as a DJ?

RS: It’s kind of hard to be honest, because I often find that a lot of these top 100s tend to be generated by internet, and the percentage that are looking online, may not be actual club-goers, but read a review for that artists that have a release. I tend to find that the voting’s often from a younger crowd who don’t necessarily go out all the time. It’s kind of a mix: there’s some true representation there, and then there are some acts where you go: “really?! I’ve seen a lot of other acts who’ve been playing the top festivals but they’re not represented there”. It’s kind of difficult, but then, the top 5-10 tend to be close to what’s really happening. Below the top 10, you start getting past it, the results tend to wave in and out. I try not to put too much focus on it, but then again, it’s an interesting barometer to see what people are paying attention to.

GDD™: For sure, so who would be your top 3 DJs for 2010?

RS: In terms of popularity right now, you’ve definitely gotta say that David Guetta has to be either number 1 or number 2. Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren have to be up there too, myself probably up in the top 20, but I think that Swedish House Mafia have had a big year, so they have to be in the top 5. Speaking about the people who’ve been making a lot of noise, especially on the sales department, I think those guys have really been doing it this year. But it’s funny, I’ve been in the top 5 before, and I feel like I could see myself up there again, but it’s very cyclical. It’s very interesting.

GDD™: You’re based in Ibiza, you must have seen a huge number of sets this summer, what was the biggest set you saw this year in Ibiza and who’s been the biggest surprise?

RS: One of the fun ones, was me doing my six sets from the beaches, some fantastic stuff with Release Yourself, it was amazing. The summertime beach vibe is really becoming deeper and tech-ier in sound, with people like Luciano and the Cadenza family really having a major impact on the more underground sound this year.

GDD™: You mentioned the Cadenza guys, do you see their style continuing on into 2011 and 12?

RS: I think that their sound is a really great underground and interesting sound. I think that their vibe is definitely strong – it’s good to see a return of the deeper house again because I think that everything starts to become a cycle, where everything begins to come back again. I think it’ll still be present in 2011.

GDD™: And how about the new year for youself – what does 2011 hold for Roger Sanchez?

RS: It’s gonna be a big year, I’m gonna be finishing up and releasing this next album, lots of collaborations, taking Release Yourself to the next level and definitely taking my stage production to a whole new level. I’m doing a residency in Las Vegas, it’s gonna be more global than ever next year. I’m gonna be getting around a lot and definitely do a lot of songwriting.

GDD™: That’s very cool. Which club and Casino’s that gonna be at?

RS: It’s gonna be at this club called Marquee, which is a brand new venue that the Tao group are opening up. An amazing brand new venue – huge – with incredible production in the place, I’m really looking forward to it.

GDD™: We’ll have to make it down there man, we look forward to checking it out.

RS: Definitely, you guys should come down.

GDD™: Again, thanks for taking the time mate, we appreciate it.