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With Coachella weekend in the crosshairs, we’ve compiled a 35 track playlist highlighting a lot of the acts that’ve got us rearin’ to go. Fans of hip-hop, indie, rock, pop, house, and techno, rejoice as we do our best to cover all the bases in this behemoth of a Spotify playlist. Put your hair down, enjoy the vibes, and get ready for the ride of your life. Catch us on the polo fields wildin’ out like the kooks that we are and remember to take care of yourself and look after one another, and most importantly; DRINK MORE WATER!


It’s about to be my first summer in Los Angeles and I’ve quickly come to realize that four on the floor all day long can get a little toasty. I’ve been digging through the SoundCloud archives to find some indie tunes that tickle my fancy and I’ve started to see a different side of the musical spectrum again. I’ve put together a playlist with some rock and alternative vibes that’ve left me quite tantalized as of late. From California locals, to Auzzie jam bands, and various talents that have cooled me off for the first couple heat waves that hit LA County, the goal is to feature new talent that’s ripe for the Summer season, so check back weekly and consider this your musical A/C unit for the coming months!

Today, we lost a legend. Co-founder of the Beastie Boys Adam Yauch aka MCA,  died this morning @ the age of 47 after his hard fought battle with throat cancer. If you were a Beastie fan like the rest of us, make sure you put one in the air and put on your favorite jam. If you’re DJing tonight, drop a Beastie Boy cut and salute to one of the pioneers of hip-hop and electronic influence at that. RIP MCA. In our hearts and playlists forever.

Beastie Boys – Fight For Your Right (To Party) √+

This past Friday we had the whole Trouble & Bass crew take over CONTROL @ The Avalon, led by head honcho Luca Venezia aka Drop The Lime. If you missed this earlier this week like I did, Luca released a Winter Afterhours mix thats simply the cat’s meow. Packed with vintage styles of rock, electronic, blues, and reggae blended to create “house for the drive home.” Great for background music (when you wanna leave something on in your room, ya know) and definitely a cool change of pace for the Brooklyn badman.

Winter (Afterhours mix) by Drop The Lime

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