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The Dutch producer/DJ, Oliver Heldens, gives us yet another ear-catching track that reinforces his signature sound. First it was “Gecko,” then it was his “Animals” remix, and now it’s this Robin Thicke remix that is bound for success. Oliver Heldens has taken Thicke’s vocals and some melodic elements from the original, and worked in his distinctive style of groovy house music for a club-ready rendition. This remix will be released on Beatport on Monday, March 31st.

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Robin Thicke would have been better off had Forever Kid just produced “Give It 2 U” in the first place.  Luckily, it looks like the duo were looking for just the project to keep them busy in the midst of a brutal Swedish winter.  Let’s be real– the original “Give It 2 U” missed the mark.  Even the anticipated verse by my own personal Lord and savior, Kendrick Lamar, landed flat on top of the original mix’s tired, pre-blog-house-electro-sounding beat.  This remix is much more fun, and Kendrick’s verse is highlighted much better as well.  High kicks.  Dream come true.  #RefuseToGrowUp

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Well, the young #freelife boys have done it again. Bixel Boys are no strangers to the fusion of R&B with dance music, injecting the R&B vibe into both their DJ sets and their remix selections. This time, they pick none other than one of the most MFTF (music to…. you fill in the rest) R&B babes in the game Robin Thicke for what they VERY BRILLIANTLY dub an “R&Bmix” (this is almost as good a dub as ‘Skreamix’… almost). I really love that they have called this “girl trap” which is both wildly hilarious and mildly inappropriate. Go have a listen for yourself, and when you hear this in the club I dare you to not A. gyrate to this or B. gawk at girls gyrating to this. Bixel Boys, you dogs.

Oh yeah, free download. Bitches love a free download.

Thicke x Bix = bootleg flair.  Our LA brethren Bixel Boys continue to keep things haute on the RnB tip with their latest edit of “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke.  The one characteristic that sets the Bixel Boys apart from many other producers is they simultaneously have their fingers on the pulse of mainstream America AND underground America & continue to combine the two seamlessly & effortlessly.  Simply put, when you put those two things together properly, you get real shit that’s real fun.

Grab this delicious new bootleg + enjoy…
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