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Sydney based four piece band Convaire has concocted an indie disco anthem that boosts your confidence and assures that you woke up on the right side of the bed. It’s hard not to close your eyes as you soak in the vibes and sashay from point A to B, grooving to a down under bassline and punchy live drum kit. The lead singer takes charge and makes sure you get exactly where the track is supposed to take you as you day dream about young love and more innocent days through their infectious pop bars. Out now on iTunes, be sure to cop and subscribe to their SoundCloud for future releases.

When I ran into Panic Bomber a few weeks ago at a Benoit + Sergio show in Miami (AMAZING!!!!!), he couldn’t contain his excitement when he was telling me about his video to promote his single ‘Visit From The Grave’ off his forthcoming ‘Domestic Violins’ EP. Having been a huge fan of his production in the past, I was eager to hear that he had taken a more dancefloor-driven attitude with the new EP. The single ‘Visit From The Grave’ has this hauntingly but sexy attitude that immediately reminded me of Beth Ditto’s EP (which was produced by Simian Mobile Disco). Be sure to keep an eye out for ‘Domestic Violins’, which is set to drop on July 5th on YYZ records.

Visit from the Grave (Featuring Madam Asuka) (128 version) by YYZ Recs