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March is by far the busiest, yet most fun month of the year for dance music lovers and professionals. SXSW (Austin) and WMC (Miami) both host tens of thousands of enthusiasts from around the world, and this year we teamed up with our good friends TAVIK, a music driven lifestyle brand designed for active individuals engaged in modern beach culture, for an epic RV road trip across America, hitting stops from Los Angeles to Miami over the course of nearly two weeks, starting Tuesday, March 19th. With our very own GDD DJs Bones, Troy Kurtz, and Burn Unit in tow, we hopped on board a few of our friends’ showcases, as well as presented a couple ourselves. Here’s how it all went down…

Video Credit: All of our iPhones
Editing Credit: Mollie Tarlow

Music credit:
Breach – Jack
Cajmere – Percolator (Riva Starr Remix)

After electronic music broke out into one of its most pivotal years in 2012, expectations for what’s next have been through the roof. With the start of the new year, all eyes were on HARD‘s festival cruise aka Holy Ship. The staggering lineup that Gary Richards (Destructo) procured took many of the biggest names from across the board and set them out into the middle of the Atlantic ocean to kick off 2013. But why was it different than any other festival? Sure, it went from cruise ship to island hopping and back again, boasting an all-star roster – but how was that gonna set the tone for the year?

Never underestimate the power of friendship. Cheesy, I know, but for the sake of dance music and live performances, it’s what’s gonna save this year from being another circuit of the same festivals with the same stage lineups and the same sets…
ENTER: the back-2-back DJ set.