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As LA gets ready to hit the rave tomorrow in the form of HARD Summer (OH YES BABY YES!) we could use a little dash of nostalgic fire stoking. Harking back to the glorious days of  bloghaus and Justice mashups, Samir’s Theme was a staple tune at the festy. In fact, I have a handful of 128 kpbs bootlegs & remixes sitting in my iTunes right now, but none sound as chunky and radical as this 2014 Ape Drums Rework. While keeping the meat and potatoes of the tune in tact, he’s added on healthy dollop of gravy to really make this a savory one. As it is, Mr. Drums will be hitting the road with Kill The Noise this fall on an upcoming tour called ‘Majestic As F@*k, which sounds like a pretty neat time. You can probably bet your bottom dollar to expect a couple more of these reworks to circulate the airwaves soon.

After last year’s CHAIND Vol.1, witch house wizards White Ring , proved to become the ambassadors of the occult ghetto grave-rave tunes.  This week they gave away their Waka FlockaMurda‘ remix as a preview of their upcoming tape CHAIND Vol.2.  Filled with machine guns, horror synths & stuttering demonic raps, White Ring smothered the life out of the original… reassuring this new mixtape will be more than satisfying for all you hooligan ravers out there. 

Preview below & download here.

☯ tamarasky

A great thing about electronic music and its classic anthems is that they are will never be forgotten thanks to the bootleg remixes, refixes, and re-rubs that revive these tunes to be celebrated again and again. The infamous festival staple “Meet Her At The Love Parade” from Da Hool is a prime example for this rebirth, with countless versions having been created over the years. Earlier this year, the Swedish duo Savage Skulls gave us a preview of their own re-rub, and today the boys sent us the full track to giveaway to you dirty dancers. Jump back on the festival float with this massiveness!

Meet Her At The Love Parade (Savage Skulls Re-Rub)

Da Hool – Meet Her At The Love Parade (Savage Skulls Re-Rub) √+

Da Hool – Meet Her At The Love Parade (Nom De Strip Remix) √+

Matt Cutler, better known as Lone just released his first single for his forthcoming follow up to his 2010 smash LP, Emerald Fantasy Tracks.  Crystal Caverns 1991 is a fast paced yet melodic track that reeks of early 90’s rave nostalgia.  The EP’s B-Side, Vulcan Mill Acid is a bouncy and acidic track with percussion that is both well sequenced and complimentary.  Both of these tracks will be featured on Lone’s upcoming album, Galaxy Gardens, which is slated to drop 05/07/12.

Check out the EP after the jump!

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Damaged Goods and Sydney Blu, two of Miami’s most recognized big-room DJs, are releasing a booming anthem today in the form of Devastating, which is out on Sydney Blu’s label Blu Music. Certainly not a track for the warm-up DJ, but if you need some peak-time juice at a 1000 person rave, then head over to Beatport and sort yourself out. They’re also giving away two versions of another one of their songs called Giving It Up, which should do more to keep you buzzing around all day than 10 shots of espresso.

Damaged Goods & Sydney Blu – Devastating by DamagedGoods

Longtime GottaDanceDirty™ favorite Hostage is back again with a seriously destructive remix of Switzerland’s Demon-D. Distinctivly Hostage, the tune eases in with some eerily tropical snares and synths, but once the bassline attacks, you’ll understand why this will surely be a peak-time rave slayer for those daring enough to play it.

Demon-D – Black Crows (Hostage Remix)

From the vault…

Hostage – The Slave

Easy Dirty Dancers, this week we’ve got an exclusive new tune from recent GDD interviewee D.O.D. The track’s a bootleg of Duck Sauce‘s new single ‘Big Bad Wolf’, which sees Dan O’Donnell taking the original apart, to bring in ravey Dominator synthlines and a moombahton backbeat. The tune’s a banger for sure, and with a drop-tempo 45 seconds in it’s perhaps the most DJ friendly moombahton track you’ll find…

Duck Sauce – Big Bad Wolf (D.O.D’s Moombahrave Bootleg) by D.O.D

If you missed our interview with D.O.D last week, you can check it out here.

Sweet FA

Wonderkid and Miami resident SonicC will be joining myself and Damaged Goods this Saturday along with the Overthrow badboys at Whiteroom for your usual dollop of misbehaving and degeneracy. Pre-sale tickets are $10. For reduced admission at the door, say the magic word ‘overthrow’ to save you some shekels. And since I’m feeling frisky, the first two people to email troy@theoverthrow.com will pay nothing because your precious first and last name will be on my list. One last thing, I’ll be bringing a bundle of GDD stickers for you to slap all over dade county, so come get some. *tix have been won*

Laidback Luke – My G.O.D. (SonicC Remix)<--- stuck in a rave

†bonus bass†
Jeuce – Flavour (Southbound Hangers Remix) <--- grimy dubstep destroyer

IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN LA! This Saturday will be the 2 year anniversary of the LA Underground Dance Music and Art event like no other, known as DANCEiSM. The bigger of their events, this 2-Year Anniversary will feature the DANCEiSM crew DJs Sean Kim, Doc P (my home slice from shiftyrhythms), Robot Love, ASAA & SP, and of course, Ben Oprstu. This time they have invited me back to play at their big show, as well as our CONTROL Fridays top dog MR. WHITE. The warehouse this one is set to take place in is supposed to be way cleaner and nicer then previous, and will feature one massive stage with mind-fuck-boggling visuals by VJ Fader. Los Angeles, if your down for some great underground talent playing at the safest and closest thing to whichever you attend here in our lovely LA rave circuit 😉
Get yourself ready for the DANCEiSM Festivities with these numbers!


9:00pm—-Sean Kim

10:00pm—Doc P
12:15am—-Ben Oprstu
1:15am—–Robot Love
3:00am—-ASAA & SP


I figured post turkey coma that now would be as good as any time to go through the trusty GDD inbox and look for something exciting //producers: thanks for all your submissions by the way, we really enjoy them – except for mashups, you can chill out on those) // Came across an email titled “Super Heavy Song for GDD”. My curiosity was piqued. Onto the subject matter of the email: “this song rapes faces.. boys noize dropped it at his i love techno set and in his essential mix.” Congratulations. You’ve won me over. Here’s a 9 minute long rave monster compliments of German techno beast Len Faki. Play it for grandma, then dial 9-1-1 because she just had a heart attack.

Dustin Zahn – Stranger to Stability (Len Faki Podium Mix)