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Here’s a bright little disco pop joint between Viceroy‘s sunshine-signature production and Penguin Prison‘s equally shimmery vocals.  Here, we find a carefree, no-problems-heard track that bops along to the tune of summer for ya, regardless of which hemisphere your ears currently reside.  Summertime all the time, ever heard of it?  Too easy.

Thee Mike B and DJ Morse Code are two paradise-loving DJs that created Pools (not to be confused with Poolside) to make music that will take you back to the glory days of lounging in the sun with not a care in the world besides what your next drink will be. This is my latest addition to the smooth jams playlist that I started a couple weeks ago, inspired by the selections of aRod. Make a playlist for yourself and start it with this edit!

She – Easy Money (Pools Edit)