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GDD™ fav, Brenmar, is giving away his latest original, “BF/GF,” today accompanied with artwork and an interesting new “love messaging service” from designers, Pinar&Viola. You may have seen work from this Amsterdam duo before on Diplo & Oliver Twizt’s “Go” single artwork or music video, but if you’re not familiar I’d highly encourage you to check out their portfolio. Their designs are inundated with “colossal visual gestures, hyper intricate detail and excessive embellishments” and “by transposing, fusing and altering [the design’s] elements, [they] aim to subvert conventional compositions.” Sparkly, weird, and wildly sporatic would be some apt adjectives I’d use to describe their work, and the new messaging service, 4Eva, will provide members with 10 intimate messages/photos full of love. Sign up here and download Brenmar’s “BF/GF” below. Quirky and twerky.