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Our favorite lost boy alien (babe) PennyBirdRabbit has just released her follow up SAFER EP and we are so happy to hear the new funky house vibe. Penny is infamous for her angelic vocals lent to the sounds of powerhouses Skrillex and The M Machine, but the energy and soul reflected in her own production is amplified with every track included in this EP – fans of Disclosure and Bondax will love the vibes on these (Our fav is RUN – see video below)… Get your hands on Penny’s SAFER EP!

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With my nice leather jacket fresh of the closet for the season, as well as more beanies than I can unapologetically admit to owning and wearing, it’s official: it’s getting cold. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of fall & the things that come with it: rosy cheeks, cozy fireplaces, pumpkin or apple EVERYTHING, and so on, but there’s something I’ll always miss about the kiss of summer that kind of comes with being a california girl (damn you, Katy Perry..)

As the winter chill nips at our heels, it’s nice to reminisce about the warm days of summer, where being out in the sun inevitably leads to a happier disposition, more dance parties, and from a chemical perspective, an increase in your body’s production of eumelanin. Pretty much the stuff that your skin creates to protect your cells from getting their DNA damaged by the sunlight, since it’s pigmented a higher level of melanin would mean a darkened skin color. Viola, a tan!

Below are what I can laughably call my very own musical tanning-bed, your own little reminder of summer. Put on your favorite pool party ensemble, bust out the Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville Margarita Maker, and shake your booty to these sun-lovin, summer-drippin tunes.

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After providing her angelic vocal chords on Skrillex’s ‘All I Ask Of You’ and monumental live performances alongside Porter Robinson, the “lost boy alien” known as pennybirdrabbit has finally completed her debut solo Treehouse EP, available for FREE download to all the fans. On top of that – Penny also wrote and directed the music video for the self-titled EP single, which also premiered today in conjunction to the release! Check out the video, and grab the tunes below!

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We are proud to announce that Porter Robinson will be making his way back to Los Angeles to play at The Music Box on Saturday, December 3rd. As if the show would already be devastating to miss, the dance music prodigy will have a heady supporting lineup featuring Mat Zo, The M Machine, pennybirdrabbit, and last but certainly not least, our boy ///BONES. Here in LA, we are lucky enough to have a plethora of excellent shows, so please do yourself a favor and take advantage of the world-class talent that comes through our city. It’s almost sold out, so be sure to grab a ticket fast!

Insomniac Presents: Porter Robinson w/ Mat Zo, The M Machine, pennybirdrabbit, + Bones @ The Music Box

Tickets/info: here.


@ The Music Box
6126 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood CA. 90028

Saturday, December 3rd
10:00 pm – close

Promise Me A Rose Garden / Glow by The M Machine