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If you’re usually oblivious to your surroundings (shoutout to Joelle) or just haven’t had your adderall prescription filled lately then you might not have heard about the forthcoming Bart B More remix of Dem Slackers’ new track ‘Let’s Go.’ Now, my friends, is the time for you to start paying attention. This upcoming EP set for release on September 20th off Boemklatsch Records is so insanely packed with goodies it is bursting at the seams like Buddy Love’s clothing when he turns back in to Professor Sherman Klump at the end of The Nutty Professor.

What is kind of surprising, albeit awesome, is that our good buddy Bart’s stabs at ‘Let’s Go’ are quite possibly second fiddle on the EP to two eighteen year old lads from Scotland. Rumor has it these kids worked at a McDonald’s before the likes of Fake Blood and Tiga started playing their track out. Boys and girls, meet Clouds. Recently signed to Turbo you should be hearing big, big things from them in the near future.

Can’t forget to mention that the fellas from PeaceTreaty (can these two do no wrong?) and Evil Nine bring outstanding efforts to the table as well.

Let’s Go (Bart B More ‘Lesssgo’ remix) by Dem Slackers.

Let’s Go (Bart B More ‘Oldskool’ remix) by Dem Slackers

Lets Go (PeaceTreaty remix) by Dem Slackers

Swagger (Clouds remix) by Dem Slackers

Let’s Go EP by Dem Slackers
Matt Black AKA The Nu’ Dirty Bastard.

I know you guys have all been waiting for this one. The Jamaican zombie killer personified by dance music giants Diplo & Switch will be zapping all y’all with some dancehall/electro lazerbeams this Friday at the Avalon in Hollywood, and I can safely say this will be even crazier than the Wolfgang Gartner night we had a couple weeks back. Supporting Major Lazer will be some of LA’s finest including Peace Treaty, Them Jeans, Mr. White, and ///BONES.

Due to the extremely high demand for this show, unfortunately there will be no discount lists this week. You may purchase presale tickets HERE or wait in line Friday night for general admission tickets.
This is not a show to miss, so don’t sleep on getting tickets because this WILL SELL OUT.
Tunage (Links fixed!):
Two of my favs off of Major Lazer’s latest EP released in July, Lazers Never Die.