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We’ve got all things Miami on our mind with WMC only a few short weeks away. Lock yourself into 10 downloadable tracks selected by Troy Kurtz and Toks.

TK’s Zip (5 tracks, 59 MB)
• Toks’ Zip (5 tracks, 67 MB)

Chicago’s Rogue Vogue returns with yet another groovy House cut; this time featuring Nashville vocalist Patrick Baker whose passionate delivery is reminiscent of the legendary Todd Edwards. This is the first time Rogue Vogue has collaborated on an original production with a vocalist — his past offerings have been mostly sample based — but the outcome is a success without question. It’s always nice to be able to sing along to a House track, and Rogue Vogue serves it up nicely with “Until The Dawn.” Download it here√+

Thank god it’s Friday night cus I ju-ju-just GOT PAID! Just kidding I never get paid on Fridays but whatever cus it’s still FRIIIIIIDAYYYY!!! PUMP UP THE JAMS! Me and the Doyle-ster got 10 free tunes for your listening pleasure, hopefully whatever you’re into (ahem, musically) this’ll help liven up your weekend. Get to booty-shakin, head-bopping, hip-griding, whatever it is you do. Preferably don’t twerk. -LD

If you trust us you can download the .zip files here but check out the tracks + stream / download individually after the jump.

OH Doyle’s .zip (5 Tracks)
Laura D’s .zip (5 Tracks)

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