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HEHROOOOOO DIRTY DANCERS! The San Fran savages known as Pance Party have just dropped their new EP this week, ‘KIM JONG THRILL’ on Miles Dyson’s Plasmapool label – a huge release for the boys and they kick off the EP with a west coast tour all the way to the

SXSW Festival in Austin,TX and back. We have the exclusive EP teaser here for ya, and here’s what the Pance’ had to say:
“We’re pretty riled up as today marks the release of our original 4 track EP “Kim Jong Thrill” on Miles Dyson’s label, Plasmapool. We want to recognize that our recent successes are greatly due to your continued support and awesome blog posts.”

As for Upcoming Pance Party endeavors:

–Expect a remix EP for “Maru” including edits by DZ, Valerna, and Sticky K.

–Let us know if you’ll be at the South By Southwest music festival in Austin, TX as we’ll be playing the Giga Crate party March 17 with Bird Peterson and Sammy Bananas.

Here’s a bit of support we’ve picked up for Kim Jong Thrill:

“Full support from StereoHeroes! Their sounds been banging our sets for a while.”

– Stereoheroes

“Awesome as usual…absolutely love Kim Jong! We’re the Pance Party biggest fan! :)

– Blatta & Inesha

“Maru is cooooool!”

– Felix Cartal

“Yesyesyesyesyes! these guys fuckin rock. period. SF WHUT.”

– DZ

“Quality EP from my San Francisco homies! Maru is my personal fav, so good I had to get them to let me remix it!!”

-Sticky K

“Pance Party is one of my favorite new groups and this EP turned my computer into a nude dance party.”

– D.A. Wallach of Chester French

“The Kim Jong Thrill EP’s got my full support!”

– Miles Dyson


Highly recommended that you wear a belt when listening to these jams cuz your pants are gonna be fighting to come off. I’m sthuper serial.


2010 is already looking to be a great year for San Francisco threesome Pance Party. RCRD LBL released their remix of “Skeleton” after taking bronze in Felix Cartal’s remix contest and Miles Dyson’s Plasmapool label will be releasing their upcoming Kim Jong Thrill EP in the very near future. Punjabi funk meets party electro in their latest remix of Bay Area-based BlacKMahal, led by Punjabi folk legend Lal Singh Bhatti.

BlacKMahal – Save the Flavor (Pance Party Remix) [aka the Mustache song]

On the ninth day of Christmas, Chester French gave to me, a remix from Pance Party.

We just got sent a GDD™ exclusive from our fellow Los Angelenos, Valerna. Good track with that signature crunchy Valerna sound. If you didn’t catch their ruthless remix of Pance Party‘s ‘Fun Factory’ in a post from a few weeks ago, grab it here and show them some love.

Can’t break up the Pance Party! After a whirlwind tour in Los Angeles, the San Francisco-based triple threat are back with this howling remix of Shakira’s newest single, “She Wolf.” Be on the lookout for their new single featuring remixes from the likes of Udachi and Sticky K!

(If that She Wolfgang Gartner-esque chorus didn’t melt your face down to the ///bone, then check out their remix of Felix Cartal’s “Skeleton”)

Alright alright so we have one more event for you tomorrow night at the Dragonfly on Santa Monica BLVD. There are some superb up and coming acts going to be performing including Good Luck At The Gunfight, Pance Party, Valerna, and GDD’s ///BONES, along with a live art show featuring some excellent artists. So if you feel shitty after your first day of work/school this week, spend an easy 5$ and come unwind to some good tunage and grab yourself a few 2$ PBRs. I know I will.

Alright folks, this week is a big one. Allies crew member and DMC Champion Klever will be on the turntables giving you a show like you’ve never seen (unless you saw him wreck it a few months ago at CONTROL). On top of that, Bird Peterson will be in the house delivering some delectable downright dirty sounds to your ears. AND on top of that, GDD favorites Pance Party will be making a greatly appreciated trek from San Francisco to drop some big ones as well. As always ///BONES will be rocking The House Party along with our friends Zander (Santa Barbara) and SweatPants.

Again, this is going to be a massive night so make sure you RSVP at JONAHDANCESDIRTY@GMAIL.COM so you can get on the discount ticket list for 10$.

And of course some preview goodies before Friday for y’all:

They’ve released another massive monster. The boys of Pance Party have been pumping out some great remixes in the past few months, and this time we get to have our ears pumped full of Felix Cartal‘s ‘Skeleton’. If you didn’t get to see our awesome interview with the guys earlier this summer, definitely check it out here. Also, pick up their entire EP ‘A Million Puppies’ in another previous post. Keep ’em coming fellas!

PS-Be sure to buy your tickets for DANCEiSM tomorrow night to see Felix Cartal in action! See post below for details :)

The trio from San Francisco known as Pance Party have been killing the hype machine lately with their excellent remixes and their rockin’ EP titled A Million Puppies. The guys took some time out of their schedules to answer some questions for us at GDD so all of y’all could get to know the awesome Ben, Eric, and Andy a little better. Check it out!

GDD: Alright guys so thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions with us. Just to start it off, by any chance did you guys come up with your name based on Anchorman? Can you guys recite almost every line of that movie like I can?

B: Hey! Nice to meet you, we’re Pance Party!

A: I think we found it in a fortune cookie?

E:  I can recite every line of that movie, but no, the name of Pance Party was Prof. Swardy’s concoction and I don’t think Brick had anything to do with it…

B: Think Dance, think Pants, think Preposterous Dance Party (don’t think Prance Party)… think waaay easier to standout in a google search. Stuff like that.

GDD: You’ve come out with the four-track Million Puppies EP this year and it is absolutely killer. Is the outcome what you originally thought it would be like when you first started producing it?

B: Music is like a huge donut. The bigger it gets, so bigger gets the hole. Ya know?

A: Well, since it was our first release we didn’t quite know what to expect, but to see and hear the response we’ve gotten so far has been really exciting. Seeing random blog posts in Russian is pretty awesome, especially when they have lots of exclamation points after them.

E: Also it led to a great remix of Fun Factory by LA based “Valerna”. 

GDD: Why a million puppies? It seems like just so many puppies…

B: This one’s for Eric. He really likes things like puppies and kitties and Taco Bell.

E: Well basically the intro of that song is the happiest tune of all time, and to me, the happiest possible thing imaginable is rolling around playing with a million puppies.  

A: It actually started as a bit of a video concept…. And really, you can never have too many puppies. It’s like having too many youtube videos of kids getting hit with big rubber balls…. just not possible.

GDD: What programs are you guys using to produce those nasty beats? Use anything different while doing a DJ set?

A:  We produce with a little bit of everything: Logic, Pro Tools, Ableton, Reason, Reaktor. But our home base is really Logic. Too many awesome toys and effects to play with in that program to stay far away from it for long.

E:  During the DJ set we’re all Ableton.

GDD: Would you rather wear a permanent helmet or a permanent lifejacket, and why?

B: Life jacket — I really don’t like in-ear headphones. I’m also fascinated with buoyancy…

A: I think it all depends on the kind of helmet we’re talking about. I’d definitely choose permanent helmet if it were Viking or Spartan style, but an astronaut helmet? I think I’d have to go with the lifejacket there.

E: How about this…”hot dog on a stick” hat.

GDD: How did you three guys come together to make up the party? Have you all been into music for a while?

A: We’re all finishing up music school together in San Francisco, and we’ve been working together for about seven months now. 

B: Pance Party is a Nickelback cover band.

E: I like turtles.

GDD: What were your favorite bands/artists when you were in junior high?

A: I had some serious angst in Junior high, so I gravitated towards bands like Korn and Rage. But I also had a sensitive spot in my heart which I filled with Dave Matthews Band and lots of porn.

E: During middle school it was all about Smashing Pumpkins, Tupac, and Metallica. In that order.

B: When you play Battle Toads for Nintendo, and you hit pause, there’s this really sick little pause-screen jam that plays as long as you want.

GDD: I know you’ve recently came out with a couple of remixes, are we going to see any new productions in the near future?

E: Currently we’re just finishing up a Presets remix and a Chester French remix.  But we’ve got a few originals in the works…

GDD: Andy I know you are actually building your own controllers right? That touch screen controller for Ableton is nuts how did you get into that?

A: So I’ve been working on that project for about a year now, and as fun as it is, I think that multitouch can’t quite compare with real instruments and controllers that you can actually feel – but luckily I’m working on a few ideas that will address just that. Right now I’m working with Moldover, who’s really the godfather of controllerism – if anybody’s into custom controllers you should really check him out.

GDD: If all of you had one word to describe your music what would it be?

A: Panceparty…. That doesn’t count? Alright: Fresh.

E: Omnispheric

B: Obama-esque

GDD: And finally, what do you have to say to your Pance Party fans out there? Any words of wisdom to beginning producers?

A: Well, to Pance Party fans: Hearing from you guys is the best part about this experience.  Keep your eyes peeled for more  new material soon. 

B: And to producers,  Socialize… Get out of your bedroom. Someone is already doing what your doing but better, and faster. So go make friends with a hundred producers in OR outside your genre and learn about their workflow. Then, follow @panceparty on twitter and we GUARANTEE 16,000 targeted followers in the next three months or your money back. By the way, we love GottaDanceDirty and so can you!

GDD: Thanks for taking the time guys. Can’t wait to hear more from you in the future.

Here are two of their newest remixes available for download, and you can also download their whole EP here from a prior post.

Chester French-She Loves Everybody (Pance Party Remix)

The Presets-Kicking and Screaming (Pance Party’s Never Grow Up RMX)

everyone, welcome to the pance party. pance party is a trio of DJ’s from san francisco that has recently come out with their EP, A Million Puppies. when describing their music, they feel that it is like “running through a rolling meadow, surrounded by a million puppies,” hence the name. however, my favorite description of their’s has to be “a dinosaur screaming at a taco.” that’s more the feel that i got. anyways, these guys are extremely talented and i am very excited to see them get some more attention in the upcoming months. their EP consists of 4 songs which you can download right here, and all of which i have played on repeat for the past hour while writing this post. honestly, get this stuff into you and support these awesome blokes. for bookings or inquiries please email them at panceparty@gmail.com.

PS- check out what they can do