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In a time where a DJ with 2 turn tables and mixer is about as common as a sweaty pair of Chuck Taylors, artists are looking to find new ways to become unique. For some, it may be visual; a giant cube or pyramid. For others it might be audible; which is exactly what BetatraXx has done. He has added Niq G, an awesome guy, incredible drummer, and the legend behind Gro$$ beats. When these two forces combine, BetatraXx live is born, where each and every song has the element of live drums banging melodically deep into your soul. This is music you don’t hear, you feel. It will make your body pulsate. I don’t know if it will look good, but it definitely will feel good. It is the music that will make you move and your heart pump. It is music to listen to if you have clogged arteries and need better blood flow. In fact, I just prescribed the ‘Drug Abuse EP’ to my pops.
This is the reason we go out to see music live. It is a true ‘performance’ complete with killer transitions, drum solos, and twisted mash’s you never dreamed possible. Every venue they have graced has left viewers in awe, as their eardrums bled in joyful conviviality. BetatraXx will take your limbs hostage and encapture your soul!
Tastemakers of the future, I present to you the “Drug Abuse Mixtape”.

Also be sure to check out the BetatraXx ‘Drug Abuse’ remix competition that is just wrapping up. Details here

!!Bonus Round¡¡
A very refreshing, gently tweaked remix that works incredibly well meshing the sexy and sensual vocals of Krystal with the melodic grinding of the original track. In the words of Goldmember, “That’s a Keeep-her!”