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In liu of his upcoming release on his own label Party Like Us, AC Slater dropped the trailer to “Party Animals” today, successfully encompassing the party animal raucousness that he and the Slater gang have capitalized upon. The trailer bounces around a few of AC’s local DTLA jaunts, with jarred glimpses of his party crew, quite a few cameos from friends and neighbors if you can catch them.

AC Slater’s 4 track EP comes out next week on November 6th, featuring Nick Thayer, the lovely duo Nina Sky, and frequent collaborator Dell Harris respectively on three of the tracks. Be sure to grab it next week!

Nina Sky Heartbeat Remix EP
One of my favorite Brooklyn bass cadets AC Slater just dropped his latest remix of the sultry duo Nina Sky, and needless to say when speaking of AC, it’s a BIG one. Notorious for his heavy bass style, Slater takes no shortcuts with his remix of “Heartbeats,” delivering another trouble-making, earth-shaking track. As the cheeky Dell drops in the song say, “AC Slater says GO OFF!”

I think we may be late to mention the second Eric Wareheim-directed Major Lazer promo for “Keep it Goin’ Louder”: the same psychedelia of “Pon de Floor”, now with less NSFW. Wareheim’s unconventional choice of video vixens has always been intriguing but the distorted faces in this promo are hard to look at. On the other hand, Nina Sky is quite easy on the eyes. Why isn’t anybody daggering with them?

Major Lazer – Keep it Goin’ Louder (feat Nina Sky and Ricky Blaze)