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Without Time

San Francisco’s MyKill teamed up recently with Keith Walker of The Holy Coast to produce the song “Without Time” and the outcome of this fine collab turned out to be magical.  ”Without Time” is filled with glowing synths and sexy saxophone…just the type of soothing ingredients that will instantly warm your body and mind and whisk you away to beaches filled with soft white sand & endless sunshine.

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As we make the transition from Summer to Fall, we’ve got a remix today which features two artists who befittingly capture the sound & feel of the seasonal transition.  It’s Southern California versus Northern California.  It’s sunshine versus haze.  It’s the bright, bouncy feel of Summer transitioning into the dusky, seductive feel of Fall.  It’s LA’s Goldroom getting the remix treatment from SF’s MyKill on the glorious track “Embrace”.  It’s the best of both worlds on this deep, seductive yet still sunny remix.  It’s the one time of the year when the guy in the beanie wearing a t-shirt & shorts doesn’t actually look too ridiculous…this track’s for you, bud.
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It’s Thursday, which means another 10 free tracks to put in your pocket from your friends here at GDD™. This week, aRod and I have gathered a diverse selection for you with originals, remixes, and edits all making an appearance. Make sure to hit the zip downloads to grab them all and feel free to browse by previewing each track on the Soundcloud players below.

aRod’s ZIP (5 tracks, 58 MB)
jonah’s ZIP (5 tracks, 46MB)
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Catchy does not even begin to describe how addicting this new remix is by San Francisco’s MyKill.  MyKill’s remix of “All The Sweetness” by fellow Bay Area artist 8th Grader, is everything you could want in an indie dance track.  It’s piano pop house mixed with soulful R n’B vocals, giving the song a playful, sweet and sexy sound that’ll set the mood just right for some guaranteed flirty/dirty fun – just in time for Valentine’s Day.  Now get your ass off Tinder & OK Cupid and get out there and woo someone!  You can start by playing them MyKill’s remix of “All The Sweetness”.  It’s a sure thing.


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San Francisco’s MyKill has a real knack for producing quality indie dance remixes.  MyKill’s latest remix is for the Phoenix, AZ band The Holy Coast.  The song is called “Make Room”, a chilled out acoustic number filled with folky flair and sweet, tender vocals.  Check out the lovely original HERE.

MyKill’s remix of “Make Room” gives the original track a laid back, indie disco touch that’ll have you floating through the sky on a bed of clouds.  Sit back, listen and drift away…

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After the success of Midi Matilda and MyKill’s first remix collaboration (on the track “Day Dreams”), both parties have decided to have another go at it.  And once again, the outcome does not disappoint.  The heavy guitar & drums in the original take a back seat on MyKill’s more synth driven remix and the result is a triumph.  This track will surely be on repeat throughout the rest of the Summer.

Midi Matilda and MyKill are carrying on an avant-pop/indie/new wave tradition in San Francisco that dates all the way back to the late 70s with Tuxedomoon.  If you like dreamy new wave mixed in with your indie dance, then look no further: Midi Matilda + MyKill have the perfect concoctions for you.

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I must say, it’s been quite a treat to have San Francisco’s MyKill burst onto the scene the way he has in 2012.  Not too many producers are punching out proper indie dance remixes like MyKill has been doing.  First it was his remix of Midi Matilda, a remix that has appeared in countless mixtapes from Spring thru Summer (and still going).  Next up was his remix for Fun., one of the most remixed songs of 2012, yet the MyKill remix stood above them all.  MyKill’s latest remix is another winning effort.  His remix of “Peak Performance” by Young Digerati takes the already fantastic original and adds some disco + new wave flair.  The end result is another dazzler perfect for a Summer drive down PCH.

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Don’t act like you don’t enjoy the happy vibes of the indie pop anthem “We Are Young” by Fun.  It’s been everywhere these past few months but it’s hard not to love.  We posted Betatraxx’s massive remix the other day and today we are showcasing the Party Ben and MyKill remix.  The Party Ben and MyKill remix of “We Are Young” adds a moody + edgy space disco vibe to the poppier original that is to die for.  Fantastic work all around, gents.

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Your Spring to Summer music guide is here.  Follow this mix from Spring all the way into Summer as you lay poolside, frolic on the beach, go on a moonlight drive or go anywhere the new season takes you.  The mix includes some of the season’s finest deep disco/deep house/indie dance tracks from Perseus, Ronika, Yuksek, GLOVES, Moon Boots, Lee Stevens, MyKill, The KDMS plus unreleased tracks + red hot exclusives from St. Lucia/Viceroy, Jupiter/Supermen Lovers, Luv Shack Records and newcomers Gerard De La Disco.  Big time thanks to all those who made special contributions!

Deep boogie + feel good vibes.  Enjoy…

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The Dirt is back in action again this week with submissions from the first 2 members of Gotta Dance Dirty, jonahberry and Tropicool (aka Dr. Schlongo, aka Daddy O’Climax, aka David LaMelza). We’ve put together 10 great tracks, new and old, for your listening pleasure, so kick back, relax, and enjoy these tasty tunes with a tall frosty IPA in one hand and a naughty school girl in the other.

• Donovans – FX1 (Canblaster & Panteros666 Remix) √+
Parisian duo, Donovans, released their FX1 EP in early June on Cheap Thrills, equipped with a fantastic remix from Rynecologist and this one from Canblaster and Panteros666. I just can’t get enough of the unique sound of Canblaster. Make sure to pick up his Totem EP out on Marble now.

• Brenmar – Taking It Down (Original Mix) [Beatport] √++
Now this track was released at the end of last year, but its inclusion in ///BONES’ most recent Summer Mix has invoked a revival of this song for me. Brenmar is also one of my top producers, as his sound meshes the aggressiveness of hip hop with the smooth sensibilities of great House music. Big fan.

• Joachim Garraud – Bang Bang (Dalcan Rmx) √+
This is a throbbing remix from French producer, Dalcan, off of Joachim Garraud‘s most recent EP, Bang Bang. The legendary DJ/producer has had an extremely busy spring and summer, releasing a full lenth album, 3 EPs, a release on Toolroom‘s Ibiza 2011 compilation, and seminal sets at Ultra Music Festival and Coachella. The Frenchman will also be playing live at Lollapalooza in a collaborative set with the Jane’s Addiction rocker, Perry Farrell. Wow.

• MyKill – Falling (Original Mix) √+
MyKill is a DJ from San Francisco that makes some fantastic funky ass disco. I actually found this track on our good friend Nate’s blog a while back and got into it again just in time for summer. Head on over to MyKill’s Soundcloud for some more great groovin’ goodies.

• The 2 Bears – In My Brain Is Like A Computer (Telling Me What To Do) (Original Mix) [Beatport] √++
Raf Rundell and Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard are The 2 Bears. They make music and they wear bear costumes. Both are fantastic. Give this one a listen from their latest EP, Bear Hug.

Jonah’s Zip

Foreword from Tropicool:
These tunes are meant to make you infectiously dance in a unstoppable sex-craved fashion. Handle with care; both your marbles and your lady friend(s).  Stay horny my friends. (all are check plusses DUH!)

Tribal Disco
• Shindu – Happy House (Herr Styler Remix)
I was first captivated by the original in the Magician’s Magic Tape 11, only to then learn about the stellar remix package.  Herr Styler adds a very tropicool vibe showcasing tribal drums, flutes, and cowbells nestled atop a funky keys riff.  This song never ceases to make me smile, take off my clothes, or eat raw meat.  It’s the opening tune to Tropicool’s “A Turd in the Punch Bowl” mix.

Tropical Disco Funk
• Beni – It’s a Bubble (Round Table Knights Remix)
Everything we love from Round Table Knights has been eclipsed by their newest remix of Beni‘s “It’s a Bubble”.  Steel drums, Funky bubble sounds, and an infectious rhythm disco that leads me to believe I have restless leg syndrome.  Get creepy, and don’t go home at night.  ”Hey street walker!”

Sexy Funky House
• Telonius – Last Night (Extended Club Version)
Telonius is a very sexual creature.  Listen to the lyrics; live the music video.  He has inseminated an incredible single here that’s dancefloor, afterhours, and bedroom ready, all hot and bothered.  Fucking element of sexy house, funk, and disco all in one has truly created an infectious, jean-tightening, jam!

Nudisco Glory
• Mighty Mouse – Between the Pavement and the Stars (Edwin Van Cleef Remix)
We can always expect pure genius when a song drops under the knife of Edwin Van Cleef or is presented live by the Mightiest of the Mouses.  These 2 juggernauts have come together to transform like Megatron and create one Decepticon ass-kicking tune. Euphoric yet groovy, very full bodied.  Includes lyrics.  Pregnant woman should not consume this beverage.

Sexy Feel-Good Funk
• Toro Y Moi – Still Sound (Voodoo Bear Remix)
I first heard this jam in the Mustang June Mix, and as the corners of my mouth began to curl up in utter happiness, the funky stings hit and I lifted out of my seat.  What a glorious feel-good song.  Summer daze, cold beers, and the hot curves of your buddy’s sister.  Truly a song of the senses; Get amongst it!

David’s Zip

jonahberry & Tropicool