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Our LA friend Marvel The GR8 just finished a visually killer music video and we’re giving you the exclusive premiere to his new single ‘Mollywood’, directed by Adam Leao (co-creator of the 12th Planet docmentary SMOG CITY). Cut-up like a bad reception, staggered channel, out of focus video reel, the young gun Marvel The GR8 takes us a trippy flow that gives off a Yeezus-meets-Danny Brown vibe. Scope it…

For all you on your cap game, make sure to check out his official store, we’ve been reppin his GR8 emblem hats all year!

Marvel The GR8 on

The longer I’ve known Boys Noize the more I’ve truly began to hone in on exactly how wonderfully awkward the guy really is… from his unibrow to his white pants to his weird instagrams and most recently his totally allovertheplace new EP (BTW you should really click on all those hyperlinks) that goes from Disco to straight up Hardstyle in one fell swoop. Since I pretty much base most of my humor off of awkwardness, obviously das German tekno god ya (that’s Boys Noize, duh) keeps a very close place in my heart.

Speaking of the new EP, although my personal favorite is with the raved-out “Push Em Up” – he’s just dropped the music video for the honorary disco tune of the Go Hard EP, “Starwin”. True to form, Boys Noize keeps it nice and campy with the video, chock full of some pretty tite rollerskate dance routines and (like all moments on the Venice boardwalk) a selection of interesting characters. Keep on keepin it weird, Alex… I and many of us love you for it.


Out now is the latest from Le Castle Vania’s label Always Never Records, an amazing and multi-faceted six track EP from Miami based producers SLDGHMR. I’m really impressed – there’s not a whole lot of young American producers that have finesse and versatility in delivering an EP that progresses from barreling techno to indie/nu-disco type stylings whilst maintaining a sound true to their artistry.

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Dj Clap-Unbelievable from Matt Gerber on Vimeo.

Daedelus’ has always been a prominent figure in regards to representing the “weird” end of dance music, aided by his Magical Properties curations on the touring and label front. The latest release on Magical Properties, the Best Night Ever LP from DJ Clap, is an erratic and fast-paced exploration of different musical styles and influences. Along with the release, DJ Clap has also released a music video for the LP’s single “Unbelieveable”. Like the song itself, the video is an insane and frenetic footwork piece. Not for the faint of heart, not for those comfortable with an unforgiving staccato track.

The video is premiering right here on GDD, but for the whole Best Night Ever album, you can go and grab that here and stream it below.

The not-so-secret collaborative effort between Skrillex and Boys Noize, Dog Blood, was announced only a few months ago to large applaud. Always cool when two real ground-breakers of an industry come together to create something new, especially when they call it something as cool as DOG BLOOD.

Their new music video for the single “New Order” is just as twisted and chaotic as the track itself, featuring a dude tripping so hard he becomes a literal and figurative space cadet (following with the theme of the EP artwork…).

Oh yeah, and make sure you get in on our contest to win tickets to the Boys Noize NYC show. CLICK HERE TO ENTER CONTEST.


In liu of his upcoming release on his own label Party Like Us, AC Slater dropped the trailer to “Party Animals” today, successfully encompassing the party animal raucousness that he and the Slater gang have capitalized upon. The trailer bounces around a few of AC’s local DTLA jaunts, with jarred glimpses of his party crew, quite a few cameos from friends and neighbors if you can catch them.

AC Slater’s 4 track EP comes out next week on November 6th, featuring Nick Thayer, the lovely duo Nina Sky, and frequent collaborator Dell Harris respectively on three of the tracks. Be sure to grab it next week!

Emerging from what seemed like a production hibernation, the UK electronic wizard Jacques Lu Cont is back on the circuit with a new 3-track EP he gave away to his fans along with a recent debut Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1. The newest track ‘Underground’ is accompanied by a new music video, depicting the high energy of the tune in what makes you literally feel like you’re strapped to the front of a train. So take a ride with Jacques Lu Cont, and grab the track below!

Jacques Lu Cont – Underground


*Make sure to check out Jacques Lu Cont’s BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix which debuted just last week!

As if the collaborations between artists couldn’t get any better, Fools Gold chief A-Trak and our favorite moombah-boy wonder Dillon Francis break the limits. The two busy producers have teamed up to bring you ‘Money Makin’,’ an upbeat disco vibed mix that is sure to be heard across festivals and pool parties all summer long. Remember how Bart B More and Harvard Bass brought you ‘The Funky One‘? Yup, we’re goin’ that groove again.

A-Trak & Dillon Francis – Money Makin’ by DILLONFRANCIS

Earlier this week, UK producers, Futurecop!, released their much anticipated music video for “The Only Way.” Starring members of the Parks and Recreations cast, as well as Jon Lajoie from the hit series “The League,” the video tells the comedic story of a boy who falls in love with a mannequin. A  love story behind a backdrop of unicorns, miniature golf, and 1980’s visuals is the perfect compliment for the synth-heavy and dream-inducing melodies of Futurecop!.

Find out about “We Are The Future” compilation + a mix after the jump!

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Coming off their successful and rowdy Sex Cult Tour, Designer Drugs have just debuted the video for their latest single ‘For All We Know’ – a beautifully layered execution of saturated color and dark imagery, giving off a more haunting yet ambient side of the NY electro duo. In part to the premiere, Sex Cult Tour supporting acts PLS DNT STP and Monolith have also comprised two massive versions for the Remixes EP. Check out those below, and grab them today on Beatport.

Designer Drugs-For All We Know (PLS DNT STP RMX) by PLSDNTSTP

Designer Drugs – For All We Know (Monolith Remix) by Monolith Official

Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400 (Monolith Remix) by Monolith Official