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What’s up my fellow dirty dancers, I hope your weekend is treating you as well as it is treating me.  This has been a great week in music, whether your in Miami or not (and if you are, I want you to know I hate you a little bit).  Anyways, I was very honored when FuzZ, Avedon and Zedex all decided to contribute to this weeks dirt! From complex IDM to French House, the three artists certainly differ in their sound, but not their unmistakable talent.  With a wide range of songs to choose from on this weeks dirt, there is certainly something for all of you.  So without further ado, myself, Fuzz, Avedon and Zedex present this week’s dirt after the jump!

*Check out the exclusive tracks from Fuzz, Zedex & St. Andrew!

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He’s baaaaaack. Flat Beater and Ed Banger honcho Mr. Oizo will be making a triumphant return to CONTROL this Friday, most likely looking fly as ever with his bushy beard and tucked-in striped shirt into jeans. At his last Avalon appearance, when asked what he’d like for his hospitality rider, Quentin said in a majestically pompous tone, “I only drink champagne.” Now, if that doesn’t make you want to party with him, why not throw the well-endowed Motley Crue rockstar, Tommy Lee, into the mix. And then just for good measure, let’s get Simma Records boss Will Bailey in there for some serious poundage. Yes. Say yes.

Please RSVP names to JONAH@GOTTADANCEDIRTY.COM to be on our discount ticket guestlist for the evening. All names must be submitted before 5:30PM on Friday night.

21+: $20 before 11PM

Mr. Oizo – Let The Children Techno (Original Mix) [Pick up this amazing compilation on Beatport]
Will Bailey – Dance 1.1 (Original Mix)



Los Angeles! GDD™ has a late Christmas present for two of you dirty dancers! As I stated a week or so ago on Facebook, we are giving away a pair of tickets to HARD New Year’s Eve this 31st of December at The Music Box in Hollywood with Mr. Oizo, DJ Falcon, Brodinski, Congorock, and Harvard Bass. To enter the contest, please go to our FACEBOOK page, like us if you haven’t already, and write what you are most looking forward to about anything to do with electronic music and the EDM scene in 2011 on our wall. Good luck!

Listing Info:
HARD New Year’s Eve
The Music Box, Hollywood, CA
6126 Hollywood Blvd.
18 to dance, 21 to drink
I posted on this young, Norwegian producer’s take on The Island Part 1 a month or so ago, and I’ve just received this new remix from our friends over at Chubby Beavers and had to pass it along.

Did Mr. Oizo’s “visa issues” get you down at Hard Halloween? Well hold me closer dirty dancers, because Blasthaus is bringing the French funkmaster/filmmaker to 103 Harriet (probably my favorite venue in Fog City) for one night only and Gotta Dance Dirty™ is handing off one pair of tickets to the first (21+) reader to send an email to tronjeremy at gottadancedirty.com naming the scoundrel below:

*Pre-sale tickets* are going faster than you can say “vous êtes des animaux” for this one! No giveaway is complete without tunes, so here’s Oizo’s remix of Squarepusher and Go Go Bizkitt’s take on Oizo and Gaspard † Augé’s “Rubber”.

• Mr. Oizo and Gaspard Augé – Rubber (Go Go Bizkitt! Remix)
 Squarepusher – Cryptic Motion (Mr. Oizo Remix) [Purchase]

EDIT: We have a winner! Better jump on those pre-sales.

This Friday the long awaited arrival of Monsieur Oizo to CONTROL will finally be satiated. The show needs no hyping on my part because as you know this Frenchman is a present day musical mastermind and a massive name behind the Ed Banger label. He doesn’t cruise through here on a very consistent basis, so I highly recommend going on Friday just to get lost in the majesty of his brilliant performance. The House Party room will also be packed full of some of our favorite friends/DJs including DJ Winner (SF), aRod (SB), Hammerwolf, and of course ///BONES, so come on out and have a fun Friday with all of us.

Be sure to RSVP at JONAHDANCESDIRTY@GMAIL.COM to make sure you are on the GDD guestlist for discount tickets (10$). Also, try to arrive early this week as there will be an extremely packed house for Mr. O.

And now for the goods. I picked out a few remixes of the master that I thought you might enjoy…

truth be told, i stopped listening to mashups ever since i started hearing nothing but in mainstream clubs and rejecting requests for girl talk, but every so often, a talented dj/producer or two manages to change my mind.
what? did all that “warp” hype make you forget that this finally came out last week?

here’s a good little remix by one of Ed Banger’s finest, Mr. Oizo. He recently came out with a new full length album titled “Lamb’s Anger” this year and I definitely recommend picking it up if you get a chance.
i’ll add in a couple other goodies because i was in a very oizo mood today.