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photo cred: Volga Grafik™

Music is what fuels us and feeds us. It makes rainy days better, and mondays go smoother. Today I have whipped up some smoothies that ill be cruisin’ and groovin’ to while i scrub the paint out of my furniture. Don’t expect womp, but be on the lookout for euphoric, nu-disco, indie-electro intergalactic, panty-dropping, and sweet smooth sounds from the way out. All files are direct downloads, right click > download linked file.
Bit Funk tastes like a little piece of glorious heaven scooped from a golden cloud. It sounds bright and smooth. Don’t put this on your walk-man for your morning jogs because you’ll start flying and get no exercise.
Wow this sounds like Elliot Smith on a happy day…Wish he had more of these.
Probably my favorite song in this post. Can’t wait for more productions from this lad. Japayork hails from London and is 22, but now is hopping back and forth between japan and new york hence the name. Dreamy and synthy with beautiful vocals. Easy on the hips
The New Justin Faust. French, Synthy and pretty upbeat. Just like the rest of his stuff, the production is top notch.
New Russ Chimes, god damn i love this guy
Midnight Club is something Kavinsky listens too in his ferrari testarosa driving home at midnight, but this time with a girl in the car and not hunting for his ghost.
The title says it all, all you need is some champagne and moon-boots. Myspace
Another incredible XX remix. Play it for your girlfriend, then play with her.
Have an awesome week my beautiful people!
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Recently I’ve been listening to a lotta Grum, and in honor of Grum, i have been keeping it grimey. Its imperative that we all go showerless, wear the same briefs from the dirty dancing night before, and same funky socks to get the most out of this music. Dedication is key for anything worth while in life. Grum is from Leeds and therefore doesn’t make it over to north america much, but if you happen to be abroad and stumble upon a tour date, i highly suggest you take the time to check it out. Believe me, the tunes will take you where you want to go!
And here come the tunes…
• Grum – Heartbeats (Extended Mix) (link removed by request)
I figured since we are on the verge of a new Chromeo album, and the first single is quite a goodie (bit darker than Fancy Footwork, but with all the groove), i’d throw it in for ya…lemme know what you think!
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here are five fresh songs of the week. now dance.