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Well well well, it looks like the Fantastic 4 are real after all! Monkey Safari have paired with some BIG names for the release of their latest remix EP featuring their cosmic new tune, “Walls.” Perfect for staring at the clouds, or you know, generally existing, the German duo delivers a reaffirming anthem to help guide you to the light of the dance floor. The fun doesn’t stop with the Original Mix, though, as three House music heavy-weights interpret the tune to their own taste.

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Cleveland’s emerging indie group, SomeKindaWonderful, releases a free download of their rendition of Moby’s “Everything That Rises” (off his latest album Innocents) that features a new top line vocal. Following up on their last singles, “Reverse” and “Police,” the group layers dark lyrics over a cinematic backdrop for an emotional offering. SomeKindaWonderful are quickly establishing a strong crossover presence. Have a listen to “Everything That Rises” after the jump.
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Moby Innocents

Moby has been on quite the promotional tear of late for his recently released album ‘Innocents,’ his eleventh studio album to date. After NPR provided fans with the first listen last week, and performing two songs on Conan O’Brien the other night, tonight he’ll play the first of three LIVE performances at The Fonda Theatre here in Los Angeles. Tomorrow at 11:15am PST he’ll be a guest on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic, and Friday fans will be able to livestream the now sold-out Fonda Theatre show online for free.

All this to promote ‘Innocents,’ which came out this week on Mute. Get our thoughts on the album after the jump, and if you’re in LA tickets for tonight and Thursday are still available HERE!
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When you go out in the Big Apple, you don’t just go out….you go out with a vengeance. With a constant supply of excellent party options, party-hopping becomes an art that only the most hardy of partiers can properly perform. Well, as a tried and true “party animal” I started my New Years celebrations early and have the battle scars to prove it. Check out my insane NYE weekend after the jump and find out all the debauchery I got up to over the last few days…and don’t miss my chat with RUSKO about drugs, the holidays and his plan to release all his future music for free!

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MOBY‘s legendary track, “Extreme Ways,” was originally released in the summer of 2002 as a single off of his acclaimed album, 18. Since then, the electronic/rock single equipped with MOBY’s melancholy vocals has been licensed for all four of the Bourne films — with a new version released with Bourne Ultimatum and another new rendition for the most recent Bourne Legacy which hit screens this summer. Along with the newest version, “Extreme Ways” was also given the remix treatment by a few artists, including this stabbing Tech House remix from M-nusMatador out of Dublin, Ireland. Have a listen chaps + lasses and be on the lookout for the forthcoming remix package out on Beatport September 24th and worldwide October 8th. √+


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It should be fairly well-known now that electronic music pioneer, Moby, is one of our collective all-time favorite artists. He’s been making beats and breaking molds for decades, and his ongoing relevancy is a testament to how innovative his productions truly are. On that note, the hairless wonder released a masterful single titled ‘After’ this past fall, collecting an impressive remix roster including Tommy Trash and Tim Mason, amongst others. Now, there seems to be a surplus of good remixes that couldn’t fit on the EP, including this dichotomously heavy/light take by M83 collaborator and Mellowdrone frontman, Jonathan Bates; producing under the side project, Big Black Delta. Have a listen and check out our interview with Moby at Electric Zoo here!

After (Big Black Delta Remix) by thelittleidiot


Moby’s music video for ‘After’ won the Saatchi & Saatchi video contest in Cannes this year.