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Steve Huerta, formally known as GO FUNK URSELF, is a rising star in the LA Deep and Tech House scenes.  A UCSB alum, Steve is no stranger to us here at  GDD™,  and was previously featured with  Yooj for the track “On One.” We caught up with him one sunny afternoon to discuss production, crossing genres, and of course, his beverage of choice.

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The British duo, Audiojack just dropped their newest EP, Stay Glued and it’s quite strong.  The Ep features two brand new tracks, Stay Glued ft. Kevin Knapp and Bad Influence as well as remixes from FCL, Waifs & Strays and Gorge.  Each track is unique but still holds true to the EP’s overall dark and techy feel.  I personally love each track, however,  I am really vibing to Bad Influence at the moment.  Which track do you think is strongest?

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I’m not going to lie, I could barely contain my excitement when I heard that Ideal Audio‘s latest podcast featured Electric Rescue.  You heard right, the French producer is back with an incredible mix that demonstrates his superior mixing ability but also his impeccable track selection.

Warning: this mix is not for the faint of heart, if you don’t like dark-driving grooves with evil digital undertones then I would steer clear.

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Alright all you techy dirty dancers, we have something special here for ya, a collaboration from two seasoned techno minds, originating here in LA and ready to take the world by a black storm. I’m talking about the joined dark forces of Circuit Freq (aka Amir Derakh and Anthony ‘Fu’ Valcic) and Native Instruments bellisima Audrey Napoleon. The two have released their first collaborative track this week on Beatport called ‘TiFT’ (This Is Fucking Techno) and watch out, because it’s a dark and dirty ride through the depths of minimal tech.
Before we let you in on the new creation, I’ll let you in on a quick chit-chat I did with Circuit Freq and Audrey Napoleon.
GDD: Alright guys, here we go! Before we can get into the big news today, let’s find out how this came about… How did you guys meet in the first place and then decide to work together? Was it techno at first sight?

CF: Yes! We actually like to call each other “techno buddies” but we also have a non-printable term that we REALLY like to call each other haha … We met at Medusa Lounge when we were both DJing there a couple years ago. I thought she was great and really knew her shit. From that point I had secretly planned on making some techno with her muahaha …
AN: Sneaky Amir. Have we already been in Techno love for 2 years? It’s gone by so fast.

GDD: Your new track ‘TiFT’ just came out today. How long did it take you guys to get this project completed and were there any obstacles or noteworthy experiences into completion?

CF: Well um hum, Ms. Napoleon left for the entire summer (touring with Nic Fanciulli and James Zabiela) and that kind of put it on hold for a while! Then she came home when I left to tour Europe with Julien-K! What timing … We basically started it one night before she left for Europe in the CFR studio and then finished it recently when I returned from overseas.
AN: It took quite a while to finish it … I went on tour, they went on tour … So the timing was a little fucked but in the end I think it worked out for the better. The track is nothing and everything I expected. Sometimes things just have to sit there and marinate for a while.

GDD: Okay and what about how your backgrounds affected where you are right now and where you wanna be. What brought you guys to the decision of an official production? Artist influences and experiences?

CF: Well, Fu and I (the other half of Circuit Freq) love techno as well and I thought Audrey would be a great coconspirator on what is actually our 2nd techno track. The 1st one is called ‘She’s Not Shy; and it’s coming out on a Lot49 compilation by Dopamine very soon. I really always go with my gut instincts producing/collaborating and honestly I knew we could do something cool with Audrey. She has amazing energy on and off the stage!
AN: HAHAAA. Thank you. These guys are so talented so I knew it would turn out great. Basically, I’m obsessed with techno, they are obsessed with techno. The End

GDD: You both have shared the stage at some amazing venues and in cities around the world, but both call LA home. Does LA have any influence or credit for where you guys are now as DJs and/or producers?

CF: Yes definitely but my travels have massively influenced ALL the music I’m creating right now including the new Julien-K album. The LA scene is so solid now and I’m proud to be here in town enjoying it and be apart of it! I believe our sound still has Los Angeles written all over it no matter what we do and and where we go but I don’t mind that at all.
AN: I really couldn’t have said this better. I am in complete agreement with Amir.

GDD: Let’s talk about the track, ‘TiFT.’ What were you guys trying to execute with this collaboration? What do you guys specifically like about it, and has it unlocked any ideas for new productions or ideas?

CF: The idea was to really just have some fun and do a great track together. I’m always looking to learn and collaborate with other artists … As a matter of fact we have 2 more collabs coming out very soon. One with Sharooz from the UK and one with the Z-Listers (pronounced Zed-Listers haha) also from the UK.
AN: We really wanted to get in the studio to make something we were all really proud of and I think we achieved that.

GDD: What’s in store for you guys in the future? Was this teaming up the start of more productions/releases to come? Could you see yourselves sharing the stage together as a DJ duo? Or if not, what’s next for each of you?

CF: Hmmm not a bad idea? Audrey? Maybe it’s time to just bust out our secret duo name! No not yet. We might loose some friends over that name! For me it’s finishing the new Julien-K album and releasing new music on CFR. We already have quite a few new releases in the CFR pipeline for next month and early into 2011. I will also start Djing again now that I’m off tour for a bit.
AN: Seriously, we will lose friends. HA. But, who knows! Maybe in the future. I am currently in the studio working on some tracks to be released in 2011 and taking some time off of touring, staying more local.

GDD: Finally, can you see club-goers dancing dirty to the new track, ‘TiFT’? Is that what it’s all about? Are you guys gonna dance dirty when you drop this track live in big rooms like the Avalon in Hollywood?

CF: Hahaha its definitely a late night rolling your brains off track so mmmmmh YES!

AN: You know it’s always about some dirty techno for me.
GDD: Awesome guys … Thanks again for letting us in on the works and we’re excited to see what happens next! The TiFT EP was released this week, so make sure to preview the tracks below and grab ’em on Beatport!

photo: 8mts

IS the day and age of the ‘banger’ dead? Will another noisy Italian duo emerge in the latter half of ’09 with hand claps, chain-saw synths and chest thumping bass? Eh, probably not…but the electro-fistpumper’s step cousin Mr. MNML has been garnering the attention of many of your favorite artists and DJs, so be on the lookout for some cleaner drumlines and more boops and tings. Enclosed for your listening pleasure are a few of my favorite in the ‘genre': NOOB, Afrojack, Lazy Jay, Pablo Decoder (highly recommend for any DJ who gets stuck with the late-night sets, or if you tend to play at a lot of raves)

Dance Area – AA 24/7 (NOOB Remix)
Lazy Jay – Float My Boat (Pablo Decoder Remix)
Afrojack – Polkedots