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Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of traveling south to Mexico for a few shows where I linked up with Bufi, one of the country’s brightest artists. Not only did he guide me to the best taco joints around Mexico City, he’s also cultivated quite a rad scene in one of the most populated places in the world. This week, his latest solo EP dropped on Mexican imprint Eleqtrique Music. Rooted in disco and tinged with elements of synth-pop and house, the two-track EP is infectiously groovy. You can pick up the release over at Juno.

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Mexican producer Bufi is quickly rising as one of my favorite artists of 2012. With a distinct disco tinge to all of his tunes, they’re clearly made with the dancefloor in mind. The extended mix of ‘Will Be’ has been a secret weapon in my sets for the last few weeks, and he’s giving away 100 copies for those lucky few that are quick on the draw. The rest will have to head over to Juno and pick up the EP there that was released today on Electrique Music. For those of you living in New York, he has a few dates this month. Check those and the EP after the drop.

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All the way in Mexico City, two dudes that call themselves The Wookies (but told not to be confused with Chewbacca) have put out an incredible dance EP aptly named ‘Discotecno’. They have disco heaters like sound they could be upcoming Duck Sauce releases, as well as rolling arpeggios that make you want to find the nearest discotheque and get 10 kinds of freaky. Oh yeah, and they’re releasing it for free.

DISCOTECNO EP by The Wookies