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pic: Anthony Verrilli

As we approach the new year, Gotta Dance Dirty™ is proud to announce the winner of the prestigious Mashup of the Decade award…
While others tossed out-of-key acapellas over “Ghosts N Stuff”*, HMDIV painstakingly blended not two, not three, but ten(?) of the hottest tracks from this decade. Budding deejays looking to get your name out there, take notes!

Feist vs. Daft Punk vs. Justice vs. MGMT vs. Animal Collective vs. MIA vs. Santigold vs. Crystal Castles – 1234 We Are Your Harder Better Faster Stronger D.A.N.C.E.I.N.G. Kids (Girls) Taking Your Money on a Crimewave (HMDIV “Crookers WOW This Rules” Remix)

Special thanks to Hot Biscuits for premiering this gem.
*Stop it.

Wolfgang Gartner vs Fake Blood – Flashback to Mars (Denzal Park Mash Up)

Fear not readers; I wouldn’t stick you with a cheesy blend of “Flashback” and “Mars” forced together, but a real treat from duo Denzal Park, featuring Kam Denny from Vandalism. Borrowing those jock jam baseball organs from Fake Blood, this mashup turns “Flashback” into a real ass shaker, you know, if you’re into that sort of thing.
This and “Flat Cold Medina” are my favorites from “The Mash Up Machine”.

truth be told, i stopped listening to mashups ever since i started hearing nothing but in mainstream clubs and rejecting requests for girl talk, but every so often, a talented dj/producer or two manages to change my mind.
what? did all that “warp” hype make you forget that this finally came out last week?