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The hip-hop influenced electronica masterminds from Canada, Zeds Dead, released a majestic remix of Marina & The Diamonds’ hit song “Lies.” After closing 2012 with an eclectic “Holiday Mix” as a gift to their loyal fans, they return to begin another massive new year in proper form.

Their remix of “Lies” draws vocals and melodic elements from the original and adds a gritty dubstep twist along with lush pads. Listen/download below and ♥ on the Hype Machine

Lately, Martin Doorly‘s production has made the transition from dubstep to UK Funky, which is wicked in my view. Those unfamiliar with UK funky house, it’s a new genre that’s been kicking up a lot of heat over the past six months, forged out of UK garage, electro-house, breaks & afrobeat – check it, it’s good stuff. Back to Doorly though, the Wax:On resident has just dropped his latest remix of Welsh indie act Marina and The Diamonds, a chill track with a funky bassline guaranteed to stave off those post-Coachella blues. ‘I Am Not A Robot’ is no newbie to attention, clocking recent remixes from Passion Pit, Penguin Prison and LA-based Fool’s Gold, but in my opinion it’s Doorly’s that takes the cake. See for yourself:

Marina & The Diamonds – I Am Not A Robot (Doorly Remix) *192

Released and posted by our buddies over at KidCityBlog a while back, Doorly’s remix of G. A. is what we in the UK refer to as a tune. LA get psyched for Electric Daisy Carnival in June, Groove Armada are playing the Saturday, which is guaranteed to be massive. Stay tuned for the full EDC lineup which is rumored to drop sometime this week.

Photo Cred: Lazertits.com

You know you have the flu when wacking-off doesn’t even feel good. But, it also means a lotta good music for you! Well, actually tons of very good music. While I’ve been aching and tossing in bed, the past month has been a billowing heaven for awesome nu-disco and feel good jams. I’ll let the music speak for itself, and make sure you download ALL of it, because yes, it ALL is worth it. You can thank me later.
Breakbot Does it again, adding sweet funkified nectar to this dark drive home. LoveFoxx’s, aka lead vocals for CSS, voice is beautiful bringing this clouded masterpiece together.
Can’t get enough of Mr. Russ chimes. Its dreamy and dancey at the same time. Goes together like peas and carrots.
OK.ok, i know this was #1 on hypeM and blogged all over the place, but i couldn’t resist. Its just that damn good. Its indie-infused which i’m a huge sucker for, and we gotta give it up for our friends, LightsOverLA.
Cassian and Miami Horror, what could be sweeter? Probably only sugar cane dropping from the teet of megan fox.
Another remix from GDD favorite Bubblegum Sci-fi AKA Anthony Ross AKA The Grey Ghost AKA the sultan of sweetness!
Barretso is one of my new favorite acts, if you’re just reading this now, grab the previous post here. This song is pure glitchy happy glory. Keep your eyes peeled for both Redial and Barretso in the future, they’re taking over a light up dance floor near you.
“This is not a Malfunction!” just a very groovy track. Perfect song to toss in to those early or late night sets when the crowd starts-a-talkin’ with their hips.
Funky fresh! All of this new grum is really giving me the heebee-geebies. Here’s the video to his new single “Can’t Shake this feeling.” Its out may 3rd directed by the General assembly and produced by TownHall.

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