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The power duo known as ZZT picked up heaps of attention this year when Tiga and Zombie Nation unleashed the massive Zzafrika remix package, and now the guys are back with a new single, ‘Vulkan Alarm!,’ as they prepare to release their debut album, Partys Over World, this 7th of November on Turbo Recordings. As a thank you to their fans on Facebook, the guys are giving away Proxy‘s take on the original, which is naturally inundated with the Russian’s dark, crunchy sound that you’d expect from the Mako Records label boss. If you don’t already, go give ZZT a ‘Like’ on Facebook and check out Jan Driver‘s banging remix as well while you’re over there.

ZZT – Vulkan Alarm! (Proxy Remix)



What’s up dirty dancers?  I hope your weekend was as good as mine.  Personally, this was one of those weekends that was epic enough to make Monday suck even more.  However, instead of trying to decide the least painful way to off myself, I have found that this particular Monday hasn’t been too terrible. Why? Because I have been bumping Marseille‘s new EP, Dak Dak all day long. A true breath of fresh air, Marseille gives us something new in a constantly over-saturated scene. The young producer has been turning heads with his intricate synthesis, complex song structure and distinct sound.

These tracks have been championed by the likes of The Proxy, Feadz and Das Glow. So don’t sleep on this dark and driving EP, it does not disappoint!

Pick up the EP on Beatport now! [Purchase Link]

01.The Killing Sun by GDD-Tre

Much love,

Mako RecordsThe Proxy‘s label out of Russia, is dropping some serious noise right now. Their newest EP ‘Mad Soldier Take A Rifle’ by The Mould is a huge example of why you shouldn’t mess with Russia. Check out two of the tracks on the EP below, including a Volatile Remix that’s so frightening I don’t know when I could ever play it. That’s up to you dirty DJs out there.
Moving on, we also have half of the new EP ‘Drag On/And Then’ from Urchins. If you didn’t know, Urchins is also a part of the infamous PalmsOutSounds blog, and hail from the UK, along with the culprit responsible for the murderous remix of ‘Drag On’ on the EP– High Rankin.

Buy The Urchins Full EP in 320 on BEATPORT HERE