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Have you noticed … the Australians? They’re everywhere in LA now – playing our music, drinking our beer, and loving our sunshine and palm trees. Or so recent import Bass Kleph says. One of the most established Aussie DJs on the US scene, he recently moved to LA in early 2012. Like his fellow Aussies Hook N Sling and his old flatmate Tommy Trash, Bass Kleph has taken the Aussie irreverence and humility and turned it into something the American scene has always had loved – pure, heads down fun, serious technical skill, and music that doesn’t always take itself too seriously.

But that’s not the whole story with the Kleph, as GDD has discovered. In fact, his most recent track is a rare emo moment: a number he wrote to mark the end of a long relationship. Called Make Me Forget, it’s a very personal statement: the first time he’s sung on his own tracks, and a unusually melancholy lyric for a man who’s usually a very sunny guy.

“Make Me Forget was about missing my ex,” he says. Continue Reading