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I can be extremely greedy at times. I don’t really like sharing, and as a youngster, I was often caught with my hand in the cookie jar. Luckily for you, the Miami heat must be altering my brain chemistry to get on some Mother Theresa tip for you to feast on another GDD EXCLUSIVE. So, dubstep. Even moms are listening to it, so its no surprise that some of the biggest known house players like Laidback Luke were caught getting wobbly at EDC. There were a lot of chefs in the kitchen when it came time to produce ‘Warrior’, most notably is LA badman 12th Planet, which probably explains the huge crossover ability for this track. Anjulie provides the catchy female vox over enough low-end to keep it interesting, but not too much modulation to be feared. Most shocking though is the LA Riots remix, which features a dub breakdown halfway through the song that is quite a far departure from their ‘switchblade‘ days *miss u 2k7. Hate it or love it, dubstep is here to stay (at least till the end of summer, then we’ll find some other genre to bastardize).

J.O.B feat Anjulie (with MadV & 12th Planet) – Warrior (Original Mix)
J.O.B feat Anjulie (with MadV & 12th Planet) – Warrior (LA Riots Remix)

bonus f1lth
Trolley Snatcha – Circle K