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The Dirt #147 comin’ at ya courtesy of Tropicool + aRod.  It’s a ten pack of tunes served sunny side up.  Be sure to sample them all then download all ten tracks for free!

Du Tonc – I’m On Fire (Bruce Springsteen Cover)
Russ Chimes – Motions
RAC feat. Karl Kling – Repeating Motion
Chordashian – Questions feat. Frances Rose
BANKS – Brain (AceLine Remix)
Holy Ghost – Bridge & Tunnel (Midnight Magic Remix)
Cut Copy – We Are Explorers (Larry Gus Remix)
The Weeknd – Drunk In Love (Beyonce Cover)
MØ – Say You’ll Be There (Spice Girls Cover)
Blondie – Rapture (LUXXURY Edit)

THE DIRT #147 .ZIP [10 TRACKS, 99MB]

The Dirt #147: Tropicool + aRod

Tropicool + aRod

Luxxury x Eagles

The LUXXURY Edit Series keeps on rockin’ & rollin’ with the latest edit of the overblown Eagles classic “Hotel California”.  So what does someone like LUXXURY do with a track like “Hotel California”, a track that everyone has more than likely heard one too many times in their lifetime?  He breathes new life into the track by adding some vocoders & Moroder-esque synth bass and takes the track to an entirely different + new cosmic level.  Grab this smooth piece of a Slo-mo Disco for free & float away into outer space…
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The Dirt returns after a week hiatus – we jive turkeys were too stuffed to type, click buttons & edit widgets.  But we’re back in a big way with some hot new freebies courtesy of Tropicool + aRod.  Lots of plush tunes by some big names in the game including Arcade Fire, the dynamic French Express duo of Perseus & Chris Malinchak, a rework of a classic by The Clash, a rework of a Motown classic, some folk house & lots more!  Dig in and enjoy…
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The Luxxury Edit Series is shaping up to be one of 2013’s finest collections.  So far, the Edit Series has seen Luxxury take on Madonna, Foreigner, Simon & Garfunkel and David Bowie and he has succeed by taking a handful of classics & giving them new life, adding a slo-mo, dubby disco sound to each (while still maintaining the timelessness of the song).  This time around, on edit #5 of 12, Luxxury takes on disco kings The Bee Gees on their song “Night Fever”.  While many think of The Bee Gees as bubbly disco pop, some of their songs evoke more of a 70s AM rock feel…that sort of moody, melancholic, almost haunting feel that makes life seem like there’s an oversaturated yellow-orange filter covering it.  Luxxury brings the ominous feel of “Night Fever” to the forefront and delivers a chilling, laid back disco version of the song, perfect for the Fall season.
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Each time a new track is released from the LUXXURY Edit Series, it always feels as if the new one is the best one to date.  The truth of the matter is, they’re all excellent edits.  LUXXURY’s formula of accentuating the hidden treasures from the multitrack stems without the usage of too many modern tricks has made the LUXXURY Edit Series a very successful endeavor. Today we feature the 4th edit in the series of 12, an edit of the David Bowie classic “Golden Years”.  The liquid bassline, swirling guitar & perfect added kick hit in all the right places to make this edit another slo-mo disco winner from LUXXURY.
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The Luxxury Edit Series continues on today with track number 3 (out of 12) from the series featuring “The Sound of Silence” by Simon & Garfunkel.  The entire series is beginning to take shape and the Simon & Garfunkel edit, in particular, has been one of the standouts.  The Luxxury edit of “The Sound of Silence” was recently featured on two outstanding mixtapes: Goldroom – Verano Mix 2013 and Tronik Youth – Staring at The Sea Vol.3.

Luxxury takes the Simon & Garfunkel classic to new heights on this slo-mo disco edit.  The track’s hypnotizing groove slowly builds & builds and right around the 3:20 mark it reaches soaring new levels.  While the feel of the original track might have expressed feelings of isolation or lack of communication, the Luxxury edit gives the track a more spirited feel.  Another wonderful take on the classics…
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The LUXXURY Edit Series rolls on with an edit of the Foreigner classic “Urgent”.  This is edit #2 in a series of 12.  It’s a fantastic series which takes old favorites from classic artists and gives them a modern whirl without taking away any of the song’s timelessness (and without using too many overbearing modern production tricks).  The theme of the LUXXURY Edit Series is to highlight the buried gold within the original multitracks.  We all know “Urgent” as a slick, sax-rock jam but it’s the big, funky hidden-treasure-of-a bassline that helps breathe new life into the Foreigner classic.  Who knew Foreigner would work so well as a daytime disco band?  Our man LUXXURY did, that’s who.  Cue the sunset…
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Artwork by Daiana Feuer

Today we are featuring the first track in a series of classic edits by L.A.’s own LUXXURY.  This new project will feature dubby, sexed-up edits of classic tunes by classic artists.  Editing classics can be tricky & dangerous but LUXXURY understands the challenge & proves his worthiness when it comes to revitalizing a classic.  The first edit (in a series of six) is “Vogue” by Madonna.  By accentuating the buried gold in the original multitrack stems & limiting the usage of too many modern tricks, LUXXURY keeps “Vogue” sounding fresh & exciting without losing any of its timelessness and shows us that slow + sexy is the way…
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