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After blasting off last week with his new single, “J.A.W.S.”, co-produced by fellow Brits, Disclosure, youngster Luxury has announced a remix for London’s Only Real due out on Luv Luv Luv on October 7th. Luxury’s new take on “Get It On” is a beautiful House tune with bubbling synths and floating vocals laid atop a consistent bass kick. Definitely excited to hear more from this guy. √+

After a short hiatus over the summer, The Magician is back in action with the 35th installment of his very popular Magic Tape series. As usual, he’s kept his track list undisclosed, but thanks to some well-versed Soundcloud fans, we know that The Magician has included new ones from Medlar, Skream, Anna Lunoe, Luxury, and more. Glad to have Magic Tapes back in my life. √+

As the first introduction to UK based Luxury‘s SoundCloud career, a curious record by the title of “J.A.W.S” has surfaced with the caption, “Out soon on Method Records. Produced with Disclosure.” Letting the music speak for itself, a bright synth driven record grounds the piece as the syncopated percussion adds a heavy splash of dance to the track. You hear Disclosure in the drums and Luxury certainly makes his presence known with the synth line but it will be interesting to see what the young producer can accomplish on his own.