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It comes as little surprise that Kastle, a man who’s such an avid and exuberant pusher for music (his own, and his label’s), has just released his first full length album only a short three years after starting this musical project. With a mind-blowing flow of releases, remixes, mixtapes, and shows already in his repertoire, Kastle’s been one of the most useful and gracious advocates of the forward-thinking musical movement in the US. As many talented and unique artists as there are in the world, Kastle is one of very few who I can introduce to absolutely any one of my friends and have them fall hands-down in love with his music without failure.

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It’s not very often that I’m out having a cocktail and someone’s music is so inspiring that it makes me want to put down my drink and spend all night in the studio. At Amtrac‘s release party in Miami a few months ago, he did just that. And I certainly wasn’t expecting a kid from Kentucky to produce such an interesting variety of great dance tracks. Thankfully for those who don’t have the cash to be purchasing music, he put his entire LP Came Along up on Soundcloud.