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A couple of weeks ago I met up with Grenier at one of my favorite local spots Forage for a little food and friendly discussion. What I think both of us anticipated was a brief discussion about his upcoming projects, but what ended up happening was a close to hour long conversation about creativity and the state of music. I left feeling the opposite of disappointed… sure I was like 30 minutes late to my next thing but the topics we discussed was something I felt needed to be expressed. So instead of a carefully edited, introspective piece from me that took days to organize and edit down, below you’ll find an honest conversation between myself and a musician who’s very clearly spent a lot of time not only working with others but also thinking about how to work in new ways.

This all came about by the premiere of his stunning music video for “Intentions,” which came out on Symbols last year. You can watch the video below but I highly suggest clicking after the jump to read about Grenier’s multitude of new projects, including ones with Archie Pelago, Eprom & Hejfund, and The Glitch Mob. I’d love to see others’ opinions on the rest of this, perhaps open some insightful discussions.

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Ah, another year, another round of Gotta Dance Dirty’s roundup of the year’s ‘sexiest’ DJs from NYC’s very own Three Wise as well as yours truly. What started as a joke turned in to a mini internet frenzy and more importantly ignited a discussion of to what makes a DJ ‘sexy’. 2013 was a big leap for dance music, and aiding this leap was a fine selection of boys and girls who in different forms and ways got the world excited about music. It’s more than just looks, it’s more than how many groupies want to send you naked snapchats. So much more. To be a sexy DJ you have to ultimately hold your own, to be identifiable and recognizable amongst the masses as someone predominately good at their job, have their own sense of fashion, humor, and philosophies, someone who is confident in who they are and what they are capable of. In this sense, we’ve gathered our favorite ten DJs that have made an imprint on us this year, sparked a sense of excitement and wonder in our eyes, ears, and hearts.

So without further ado you can find our selection of the ten sexiest DJs of the year after the jump, my selections in BLUE and Three Wise’s in RED.

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Next Thursday, October 3rd the Bromance crew is back in NYC at the newly named Slake and we have 2 tickets to give to one of you!

All you gotta do is shoot a tweet at @gottadancedirty @slakenyc and @bromancerecords with you’re favorite Bromance track to enter!!

Grab tix here if you don’t wanna chance it and check our favorite tracks after the jump. Get hyped!!

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After transplanting to LA from Australia, the man with long black hair and a penchant for dark techno has been a slave to the studio. Craig’s newest EP dropped this week on fellow Australian label Motorik, and he dialed in two heaters with the underground queen Louisahhh!!! Her vocals pair dangerously well with Craig’s raw power, and with support from the likes of Brodinski and Riva Starr, this release should see him boost up the ranks of upcoming techno producers. You can catch Craig at Dim Mak Studios on September 17th where he’ll be doing a back to back set with label mate Jensen Interceptor.

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One of my biggest delights in life is seeing a boss lady hold her own amongst a crew of dudes. Enter Louisahhh, the reigning queen of Bromance, a record label literally named with dudes in mind. After moving from down the street to the depths of Paris, I finally caught up with my fellow short-haired princess in Miami. After a lengthy and insightful lunch at The Standard, discussing the antics of the Bromance crew to the politics and progression of the industry, riding bikes and Avicii carts around South Beach, and an astoundingly ludicrous trip to Miami’s most infamous Hard 2 Leave strip club party, I left WMC as charmed as ever by one of the most soft-spoken yet commanding females I know. That could only mean one thing: get her on board for a LOLerview!

Check after the jump for a really delightful edition of For The LOLs, and make absolutely sure to check out her upcoming EP on Bromance, Transcend, out on the 22nd of April. It’s amazing.

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Our good friend and incredible lyricist, Louisahh!!!, just sent us over a pair of freebies that she put together with her pals David Carretta and Workerpoor for French imprint, Space Factory, and both are phenomenal, Techno bouncers. There’s something about Louisahhh!!!’s vocals over French Techno that seems to fit hand in glove. We approve.

Today we are excited to announce our first official collaboration with one of our favorite imprints, BROMANCE Records, in the form of a perfect mix from one of the best ladies in the game, Louisahhh!!!. This BROMANCE Summer Tape exclusively features her collaborations with the likes of Brodinski, Danny Daze, Prince Club, and more, as well as Louisahhh’s original, ‘Narcotic.’ Louisahh’s vocals truly shine through in this mixtape, showcasing her undeniable dexterity for writing and lyricism. This mix, mastered by BROMANCE rep Gesaffelstein, has been made available for free download by the wonderful people at BROMANCE Records, so download below and find the impeccable tracklist after the jump. √++

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Another split single EP was just released yesterday on Brodinski‘s Bromance Records and as the two EPs before it, EP#3 is an instant summer must-have. The first single comes from the ‘can-do-no-wrong’ collaboration between labelhead Brodi and the clever vocalist, Louisahhh!!!. Bouncy Techno elopes with Louisahhh’s repetitive vocals, and ‘Nobody rules These Streets, Not Like Me’ quickly gets caught up in the brain. The second single, ‘Now U Realize,’ comes from the supergroup from France known as Club Cheval (Canblaster, Sam Tiba, Panteros666, Myd). Don’t try to put this one in a genre because you’ll find that you need about 5 to really lock down all the different sounds that this power quartet have included. Stream below and pick up both tracks on Beatport now. √+ Continue Reading

We’ve been lucky enough to host many of the best up-and-coming acts @ VERSUS, but we have yet to showcase the female force in electronic music that tear it up with the best of them. This week, we are proud to bring you a full fledged lineup of some of the best lady-djs from Los Angeles – featuring newest GDD member and Overthrow vixen Tamara Sky, deep techno and Bromance queen Louisahhh, disco grooving young gun Docta Nelson, and the provocative house veteran DJ Moni. This one is gonna get HOT, so we strongly encourage you to not miss out!


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Brodinski‘s buzzing collaboration with Louisahhh! released on Bromance Records now has a visual component to accompany it, designed by the artist, Alain Domagala. Roll something up and click this video into the full screen. Here’s what Domagala had to say about it:

“Everything happened so quickly, even if the idea of a collab was planned for quite a long time now. I guess the release of “Let The Beat Control Your Body” started the process. We talked about it when Louis came to Marseille for Marsatac festival in September. I do think this “Dancing with myself” animation – that I started during a residency in Berlin back in 2008 and finished for an exhibition in Marseille – was the impetus for this project. It’s the very first appearance of the skeleton. Dumb on purpose, it obviously refers to the music itself, in a different way than its title does. This suggestion gave me the chance to get the skeleton out of its box and to rub it up against the acid tones of the track, such as a tough chafing on a stinging nettle. Just like Louis’ music, full of sound and rhythmical material stratums, above all I prefered to work more on the visual effects than on the illustrative side of the video.”