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After a massive labor day weekend, we jump right back into the week with a new exclusive and giveaway from a fresh breakout duo… Simply put, if you take the Bay-Area bass of the Sweet Leech and the brick city vibes from LittleFoot, you get Velcro; a twist on deep house and nu-wave bass music, based out of Los Angeles. Formed in the summer of 2012, Velcro worked steadily in the studio making tracks playable to almost any crowd. Aiming to bring soul back into modern house music, they hit a bulls-eye right in the center of the dancefloor…

We’ve teamed up with the guys to giveaway their newest track ‘Everybody’ – a culmination of their collective influences driven through crisp analog-based production.

Make sure to check out their collective label project Honey Hive featuring monthly track giveaways from Velcro, Justin Weisburg, Pilo, Sweet Leech, Littlefoot and Sepehr. Head to their soundcloud for more downloads!