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Our SF friends known as The M Machine have always had a knack for taking Pop songs and rendering them into their own vision. From their vicious remix of Lil Jon’s “I Do” as Pance Party to this most recent remix of Bruno Mars’ “Locked Out of Heaven,” the trio find a way to maintain the catchy sensibilities of the originals while providing a dollop of their style of Dance music on top. The guys take a glitchy, DnB direction with this remix released today on Atlantic Records, and I’m into it.

pic: TheStyleShark

With the year more than halfway over, it’s safe to say that 2009 has been dominated by the Dutch. Every blogger was posting about Don Diablo, Laidback Luke collaborated with Diplo for one of the hottest singles of year, and what nightclub deejay wasn’t murdering dancefloors with Chuckie’s “Let the Bass Kick”? If you’re still not convinced, then perhaps the presence of Atlanta’s Johnathan Mortimer Smith (thanks Wikipedia) on this Chuckie collaborative remix can back up this claim.
It’s about time this classic saw an updated remix, who better than GDD™ favorite Sticky K?

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pic: DNA Imagery

Thanks again to twitter, I stumbled upon the new LMFAO single featuring Lil’ Jon that debuted today on Southern California’s Power 106 radio station. Now I’ve always had a soft spot for LMFAO’s tongue-in-cheek lyrics and uptempo beats, but after one dose of its nauseatingly repetitive chorus, I realized that “Shots” sacrifices the lolz to be a serious club anthem and is a sharp departure from their previous material. Sorry fellas, but if the rest of your new album, “Party Rock,” is going to sound like “Shots,” then count me out.
Readers, can you back me up on this one, or am I just sippin’ on that Haterade?
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