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LIL DEATH, the distopia-done-right party that every cyberpunk in LA has darkly adored is coming to Miami this week, with a stacked lineup full of longtime GDD favorites.  Our friends The OverthrowTrouble & Bass, and Paris’ Bromance Records are all involved to bring you a very special night of Tech Noir vibes straight out of Gotham, with a very special guest.

What’s more?  All this can be yours for a night with one free RSVP.


Read more about the party in the interview here, and be sure to check out the mix above by our very own GDD writer and Overthrow DJ, Tamara Sky, for a taste of what’s to come.

Para One is a busy dude with many musical talents: from having dipped in the honey pot of the rap scene a variety of times (his work with French group TTC, production creds on A$AP Rocky’s “Wild For The Night”) to being a part of his own label (Marble, with Teki Latex and Bobmo). After a well-regarded release of his track “Passion” last year, Para One is back with a bigger, badder version thanks to the vocal talents of none other than Cam’Ron. As a sidenote, I can’t write or think about Cam’Ron without seeing this picture in my head, so here. #killuh

I spoke to Para One yesterday just before his trek to the US to tour starting in Miami, where I’m sure inevitably we’ll run into each other. Another sidenote, a definite party to check out that we’ll be at and Para One will be playing at is Lil Death’s NYC vs Paris this Friday. So read on about what Para One had to say after the jump, and as for myself I hope to see many of you out and about!

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For the past 6 months, The Overthrow Collective and I have been performing this sort of experimental party in Downtown LA called Lil Death.  The project is essentially a weekly event centered around a very specific tech-noir sound that we like to call “Gotham Wave.”  To tantalize your curiosity, I’ve just released version 2.0 of our Lil Death mix series with influences of post-punk, industrial, french techno, and witch house.
Lil Death’s slogans “Long Live the new Flesh” draws it’s inspirations from the post-physical reality that we get closer to ever day. This eclectic mix is electronic and organic sound is an homage to the ever wavering struggle we have with totally accepting this new prosthetic digital nervous system that has begin to connect us all.


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Overthrow and Deathface have a thick as blood releationship, literally. The first time I met him in Miami a few years ago, we killed a girl on stage. Since then, he’s branded his own style of demonic bass music, and he was commissioned to do the second chapter of the Lil Death mixtape series. However, instead of an hour of dubstep, Deathface serves up 58 minutes of warehouse techno. If after listening to the mix you feel inclined to lurk into the night, he’ll be playing at Lil Death tonight. More info here.


Miami based creative collective, OVERTHROW, has been not so silently plotting to take on the West Coast with the debut of their Sunday night party called LIL DEATH, which is this Sunday in Downtown LA. After the wicked success of the infamous Black Sunday party in Miami, evil masterminds Alexis Mincolla and Caleb Gauge have scripted the party along the fascination with Le Petite Morte. OVERTHROW mistress Tamara Sky is set to play this weekend, and she has curated the first installment of the LIL DEATH mix series. Perhaps I should have mentioned this earlier, but the party is FREE if you RSVP, and you’re also rewarded with complimentary Jose Cuervo Platino, PBR, and Prometheus Springs (while supplies last).


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