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I’m sitting here trying to think of the right word to use for a Blog / Label… Blabel? Lablog? Log? Either way you cut the potato, Live For The Funk has been bringing some really special original content to the world, most notably with their newly set up release front.

Up next from that spectrum is from the young Parisian man known as Stwo. I’ve been an absolute fan of young Parisian producers as of late, seems as though they’re fitting into the “French men know real romance” cliché, which when put into musical content is 100% happily lapped up by me. The Beyond EP contains five tracks, with a similar slowed and soulful vibe across each of them. Topped off with a fair amount of bright female vocals, the EP is highlighted (in my opinion) by the first track “Lovin U”, which hits you with a low-end that pierces right into your core.

The EP is available for download as of July 3 through the LFTF Soundcloud. In the mean time, you can preview snippits of each track on the stream below: