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coldplaylevi remix

Coldplay released a new single this past Tuesday and it seems like the internet could not get over how much it sounded like Bon Iver. Regardless of their new sound, it was only a matter of time before everyone jumped on the bootleg remix train. The first one that caught my eye was this subtle, yet dancey take by NYC resident and Parisian transplant LEVI. Available for free download via his facebook page it’s chill in all the best ways.


Last week Deadmau5 got the internets all astir when he announced he would be leaving twitter for good, and in the same breath dropped a few previews of his up and coming tracks on soundcloud. While we mourn the loss of one of our favorite twitter personalities, we can’t wait to get a listen to what Joel has in store. Lucky for us LEVI seemed to be one of the few who got a jump on the mau5’s “Drop the Poptart” preview and produced one hell of a bootleg.

Everyone in New York is busy getting ready for the Ed Banger 10th Anniversary tonight and to celebrate there has been a lot of really great french producers giving music away for free. LEVI is no exception. I just stumbled upon his most recent ‘Le Code’ EP and it’s a slice of hard electro-progressive heaven. I hear something new with every listen and it’s complexities and orchestral stylings easily show LEVI’s classical upbringing.

As a bonus for all you Ed Banger die-hards out there, FACTION, a hard electro duo that LEVI is a part of with Boston based artist Kenny Gray, just released this dope remix of Busy P, also for free download!

There’s not a whole lotta info about up and coming producer, LEVI, aside from the fact that he’s French. There must be something in the water over there though because this Obligation EP is some dope shit. Driving beats mixed with Justice like grunge, progressive meodic synths and funky grooves amke this 3 track EP diverse and delicious.  Take a listen below and make sure to grab it —> here!