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Ladies and Gentlemen, Street Ritual and Critical Beats have teamed up to start a four part release campaign to raise money and donations to benefit the Amazon Rainforest. The campaign releases 2-4 tracks at a time over the course of both Spring and Summer of 2011. Proceeds from the tracks will be going to RAN (Rainforest Action Network), with a goal of providing significant funds for Rainforest Preservation in the Amazon. All the heavy-hitters from Street Ritual, Critical Beats and the Do Lab will be creating hype for each track, with a goal of raising significant funds for rainforest preservation. With that said, the campaign has started out massively, with its first release being Knowa Knowone‘s new track, Amazon Secrets.

Then man behind Amazon Secrets, Knowa Knowone was nice enough to chat with me  briefly about both this unique campaign and his new track.
Here’s how it all played out…

GDD: First off, thanks so much for taking the time to talk with us about both your music and this amazing project that you have taken part in.

Knowa Knowone: No problem, thank you!

GDD: What do you hope to accomplish with this release campaign?

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