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New York’s Prince Fox has been churning out some really cool remixes over the past few months.  He’s targeted names such as Kanye West, Florence & The Machine, and LeMaitre, and now he’s got his sights on Kimbra.  He picked a hell of a track to rework — “Settle Down.”  Kimbra’s beautiful falsetto offers a great platform for this poppy, light-hearted house edit.  Bouncy bass and melodic percussive elements play together nicely as this one drips out of your speakers.  Download it for free, and stay tune for more Prince Fox.

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Sweater Beats is back on the viral Soundcloud tip – this time with a redux of Kimbra’s 2011 smoker “Settle Down”. Stripping down the jazzy tendencies in the track for a more sweeping and eclectic ambiance, Sweater Beats sticks to his production roots while still making Kimbra’s vocals really shine on the track – a feature often masked in remixes and bootlegs. Her unique voice sits high above the scattered drum varients and tingling piano work that with all their unique sequencing has an almost orchestral vibe to it.

So, go on tour with Chance The Rapper, play a dope remix in your sets, and get shit popping. Well done, SB.

Mark Foster (Foster The People), A-Trak + Kimbra have magically teamed up with Converse + Journeys Shoes to promote a new collection of Springtime-colored Chucks.  Converse pulls off the hat trick with this trio of red hot artists.  If all pop music sounded like this, the world would be a much better place.  Check out the fresh new video + grab the free download below…

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The Dirt #61 is brought to you by Tropicool + aRod.  Expect a heavy dose of rooftop sunset vibes + beach haus grooves courtesy of Plastic Plates, Moon Boots, Gigamesh, Beni, Cosmic Kids and…Phil Collins (and many more!).  It’s a dozen disco-filled donuts, all available for your downloading pleasure (via the GDD™ Facebook page)!  Dig in…

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The new GLOVES remix of “Cameo Lover” by Kimbra makes me wanna throw a basket on the handle bars of my bike, grab my favorite beach babe, toss her in the basket and cruise the sidewalks of the beach, hands in the air (with both of us, of course, wearing beer helmets).  Kimbra’s voice oozes bubbly goodness and GLOVES sunshine disco is the perfect compliment to turn the track into one sexy beach ride.  Check out the remix below (and peep the video for the original to fall in with Kimbra & her sweet dance moves).

Kimbra – Cameo Lover (GLOVES Remix) by aRod | GottaDanceDirty™