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What’s up dirty dancers?  I have two pieces of good news for you;

Firstly, it’s friday!  Which means its time to cut loose, grab some drinks and make the best of your two days of freedom. Secondly,  I come bearing a gift for your weekend ahead, Kill The Noise‘s March 2011 Mix.
This mix is massive, heavy,fast paced and it’s all put together by one of LA’s best djs.

Make sure to catch Kill The Noise and a host of other amazing artists in Las Vegas for The Love Festival! Don’t forget to grab this  mix and start your weekend off right!

*Mix after the jump

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A couple months back, I introduced you to Miami’s newest dubstep threat, Caligula. They ended up winning the ‘M.I.A. – Steppin’ Up’ remix competition outright and were treated to a few days in the Red Bull studio in LA working on their upcoming EP due out this Fall on the OVERTHROW record label. I have two of their most recent remixes. One pays homage to Miami’s most notorious janitor Rick Ross, and the other is their submission for Klever and Kill The Noise’s ‘Tuff as Nails’ remix competition. Both are enough to keep you buzzing through this Monday.

B.M.F. (Caligula Remix) – Rick Ross from Emerson Rosenthal on Vimeo.

Rick Ross – B.M.F. (Caligula Remix)
Klever and Kill The Noise – Tuff as Nails pt.2 (Caligula Remix)

Full nudity. Check. 24 Hours. Check. Booty shakin’ bass. Check. If you’re making the trek to Miami for WMC next week, and have managed to survive come Sunday, then it would be in your best interest to grab a handful of singles and groove on over to GOLDRUSH on March 28. We’re teaming up with the bad boys of OVERTHROW, and headlining the event will be Miami’s heaviest hitter Craze and fellow Slow Roast Recs member Kill The Noise, as well as GDD DJ’s ///BONES and yours truly. Pre-sale tickets are $25, so email events@theoverthrow.com to get your fine self sorted.

Kill the Noise is Fresh and hot and the best thing since a sloppy slice of New York style pepperoni pizza. We can always count on kill the noise to drop something gooey ewwey and full of flavor; this does happen to be one of my favorite remixes of the new year so far. But don’t take my word for it, bump it and turn your eardrums into cauliflower.