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Believe it or not, the already popular ‘Mercy‘ by Kanye West just got better.  Remixed by the dark & twisted future-bass pioneers of the moment, RL Grime & Salva, this raved out Post-Apocalyptic Trap take on the single will without a doubt be a dance-floor killer this summer.  Only available to stream at the moment.  Enjoy! >:) devil

✖ tamarasky

Today we are introducing a new series of free music: every Wednesday, Willy Joy & GDD™ have teamed up to give you Free Willy Wednesdays! Each week we’ll give you a new tune out of Willy’s vault. Some of them you may have heard played by your favorite DJ or in an exclusive mix, but now they’re yours… all for free! This week we’ve got Willy’s huge bootleg of Chief Keef‘s “I Don’t Like”. Continue Reading

We were lucky enough to get back to our roots with Brooklyn-based producer Codes. Cody Murray, aka Codes, is ” reaching back to those golden days of hip-hop and house music. The days where you might sit in a record shop for hours searching for that diamond in the rough. Codes sound is a little disco, a little house, a helping of bass and a lot of love.” Recently signed to dance music heavy weights Craze and Kill the Noise’s Slow Roast label, Codes released his EP Codes House which became an instant hit with track after track finding its way into every dj’s set list. We were able to procure an exclusive interview with the man himself (via GDD street team member Britney Haberl), and also present a GDD premiere remix for Jay-Z & Kanye West’s “Ni**as In Paris” – which was recently featured on Craze’s U-Stream a week ago.

*READ THE INTERVIEW + DOWNLOAD THE REMIX after the jump! Continue Reading

What’s up dirty dancers? I have spent much of this morning reminiscing about how epic Labor day weekend was and in particular the songs that made it that much more memorable. As I traveled through a haze of clubs, bars and pool parties, I was exposed to a variety of different EDM genres which all served their surrounding atmospheres very well. To get you through this week, Tropicool and myself have teamed up to bring you a variety of memorable music that will hopefully put a big smile on your face and a hop to your step.

Tre’s Picks:

• Jaytech – New Vibe (Original Mix) [Purchase Link]

This track is an all around gem. Jaytech just released his new EP, New Vibe/Echo and it’s pure fire! New Vibe is a groovy sample driven summer anthem that is a guaranteed to get your head bobbing.

Jaytech – New Vibe (Original Mix) by jaytechmusic

• Maa Bashi – Alarm [Purchase Link]

This one is a dark and pumping monster. With a simple and automated bassline that never gets old, this song just keeps building you up and leaving you wanting more. Maa Bashi has really given us a dark anthem here, seriously get ready to bare your teeth.

Maa Bashi – Alarm (Original Mix) by GDD-Tre

Jay-Z & Kanye West – Ni**as In Paris (Caligula’s Ni**as in Miami Remix) *320

If you haven’t already picked up Watch The Throne then I seriously recommend you do so ASAP.  For all of you who have not been living under a rock for the last two weeks then you should grab Caligula‘s remix of Ni**as In Paris, it’s pure fire!

• Roy Mclaren Starstruck (Deluna Remix) [Purchase Link]

This track is a melodic masterpiece and has something for even the biggest EDM Nazis. Techy, driving and melodic, this remix of the originalRoy Mclaren jam is a must have for any EDM fan.

Roy Mclaren – Starstruck (Deluna Remix) by GDD-Tre

MYNC, Ron Carrol & Dan Castro – Don’t Be Afraid (Pierce Fulton Mix) *320

It’s pretty much a guarantee that anything Pierce Fulton touches will be huge and his latest remix is no exception. This remix is a further demonstration of Pierce’s progressive genius. Complete with catchy vocal hooks, a unique bassline and those plucks that you know and love, this remix is not one to miss!

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Tropicool’s Picks

Tensnake – Congolal (Tensnake Rework)
Slow, groovy and sexy. Sprinkled with violins and bongos. Tensnake can do no wrong!

Lifelike – Motion
A king of ever-building disco house has released yet another gem. Fast, melodic, full of magical sounds.

Tyson – Strangers
This mysterious man from london has leaked another track on the inter-web. Signature Tyson sound atop some funky chords and riffs. Everything he touches turns to gold while he wears a scary skull mask.

Kamp! – Cairo (Moullinex Remix)
Kamp! has been around for a few years now, first stumbling upon them when they had below 200 song listens on their myspace with the single ‘Breaking a Ghost’s Heart’. I knew this trio from poland would be huge as their new single has just been featured as the opening track on the Magician’s Magic Tape 14.

Flight Facilities – Feelin’
The B-side to the Foreign Language EP. Groovy old school disco with a touch of modern flair and quite the dancey thump after the drop. Similar to some of Cassian’s older material.

Doctor Dru & Adana Twins – Juicy Fruit
The opening to this song has listeners believing that Biggie is about start flowing, however, that quickly transforms into a sun-kissed summers day where you’ve got a cold cocktail in one hand and a big breasted babe in the other. MMM tasty cakes.

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