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Big ups to big boy Pat Lok for surpassing 5,000 fans on Facebook recently.  In celebration of this high mark, Pat Lok is giving away some free booty – a bootleg of “Take Back the Night” by Justin Timberlake.  Whether you’re takin’ back the night or takin’ back the day, this disco house shuffler will pop on any dance floor from the beach to the club.

If you weren’t part of the first 5,000, be part of the next 5,000 & give the Pat Lok Facebook Page a ‘like’ & grab his classy ‘Day X Nite’ remix of JT for FREE!

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It would appear Kieran Hebden has been pretty busy recently conjuring up two massive dance records at the same time, for two separate projects. First, JT gets a Four Tet makeover for his omnipresent “Suit & Tie” record. Its use of the vocal stems makes it one of the more original interpretations and features some tech house to compliment a very minimalistic acapella version of the record. Also included in this post is Four Tet‘s contribution to the Nonplus Records compilation release titled, “Four These Times.” Boddikah, Joy Orbison, and Lowtec comprise of the other talent featured on the “Think and Change” project. The bass in Four Tet’s record finds its groove right away and features a simple vocal sample repeating one line over and over at changing frequencies. The percussion in it has his fans admiring a sound more reminiscent of his earlier works — an impressive feat considering how different these two productions are.

Yes everyone, this happened. Let Dillon Francis tell you all about it:

“YUUPPP got to do an OFFICIAL remix for JT’s song Suit & Tie!!!! I’m sooooo fucking happy about the outcome of my remix!!! So here is the stream!! RELEASE DATE IS STILL TBA and don’t start yelling at me because Jay-Z vox aren’t in the remix because the Sony said that I wasnt allowed to…..anyways ENJOY”

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