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Nicotine. It’s that tiny chemical that millions crave, the stuff of multi-billion dollar industries fueled by cigarettes and nicorette packs. Many can’t get enough of the stuff, and from a chemical standpoint, it’s easy to see why. Acting mainly as a stimulant, nicotine has a boatload of effects on your nervous system, upping the release of quite a few chemicals in the body. By activating the mesolymbic pathway in the brain (what’s called the “reward system”), nicotine gives users a sense of euphoria and calmness. It also works to enhance alertness and sharpness, along with speeding up metabolism. Sounds great and everything, until you realize the strong addictive properties, difficulty with withdrawal, and potential cardiovascular problems that come with it.

Musical nicotine has all of the benefits of real nicotine without any of the bad stuff! Like people’s common reasons to smoke cigarettes, below are some songs that bring a sort of clear, calm euphoria with them, songs that you can sit outside and have a thought to, or songs you’re just notably addicted to, whether you like that you are or not. Put down your Marlboro’s, put on your headphones. Continue Reading

A-Trak Announces New EP, Listen to a New Track
• Watch Deadmau5 takeover an entire square in London
Flying Lotus unveils new video featuring Elijah Wood
• Listen to a New Track from Julio Bashmore
Todd Edwards puts his entire record collection up on Ebay
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SBTRKT readies live album
DJ Zinc has announces new EP, Only for Tonight
• Download a New Song from Nicolas Jaar
Julio Bashmore‘s “Husk” gets a video
• AraabMuzik Taps Diplo, Skrillex for Next Album

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Julio Bashmore heads stateside
UR1 Festival postponed due to bad weather
UKF launching in Australia with Benga-led NYD bash
• R.I.P. Brainfeeder Affiliate and Pianist, Austin Peralta
• T.E.E.D. gives away Lunice remix of “Trouble”
• Video: John Tejada “Orbiter”

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“What we’re goin’ to do right here is go back…” GDD™ favorite, Julio Bashmore, generously gave away his über-groovy track featuring the famous vocals of Jimmy Castor’s ‘Troglodyte (Cave Man)’ earlier this week. The juxtaposition of Castor’s old school vocals with Julio Bashmore’s signature flute-like sound is pure genius. Add this one to your playlist for Poolside Vibez or Latenight Movers. RIP Jimmy Castor. √+ Continue Reading

The great music in the month of May has led me to the decision of throwing together a chart of my top 10 tracks for your listening pleasure. Variety and quality were of the highest importance while I was making my selections, so grab your headphones or plug into your speakers, you’ll be dancing round the room in no time. Enjoy the chart after the jump!

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After producing Jessie Ware‘s latest single, “110%,” the GDD™ favorite, Julio Bashmore, is back at it yet again and stronger than ever. In the midst of all of the musical happenings in his life, he has chosen to start his own label, Broadwalk Records. His first release on the imprint, “Au Seve,” is certainly worthy of the crucial position with a fresh flute-like synth combined with all of the Bashmore bass you know and love. He commented on his SoundCloud regarding the news and said, “Today heralds a new era in the Julio Bashmore chronicles, with a sound that shall echo through the ages…” We can’t wait for the future releases to come! Enjoy the new tune after the jump and look out for it’s release on July 2nd. √+

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Good morning! I have a packed morning update for you all to enjoy, so hurry after the jump for the full articles and videos.

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It was the beginning of October, and remixes for Crazy P‘s ‘Changes’ began to surface. Amongst the plethora of good renditions that I heard, one stood out more than any other, and it was from a Bristol artist that I had never come across before — Lukas. As I usually do when I find good new music from an unfamiliar moniker, I check back catalogs, social media sites, etc., and after going about this with Lukas I wanted to know more. So I reached out across the Atlantic to see what this producer was up to, and it turned out to be a lot more than I thought!

Click on after the jump to download a mix with numerous unreleased jams made exclusively for GDD™ and check out my interview with the multifaceted producer where we chat about his infamous party Alfresco Disco, the rising Bristol scene, and more. Continue Reading

For the second installment of Solo‘s freshly established Congaloid imprint slated for release on December 19th, the labelhead commissioned the young, groovy producer known as Seka, and surprise, surprise, he’s from Bristol. Bristol seems to be recreating itself as a hub for some of the best dance music today. With producers like Julio Bashmore, Eats Everything, and Seka synthesizing this fresh sound and rapidly releasing original tracks, it’s no wonder why Pete Tong gave the city a huge shout out on the Essential Mix a few weeks back. Here’s what Solo had to say about signing the youngblood:

“When I have received Andy’s EP I was quite surprised. At the time I was spending some weeks in Bali, and just starting to organise things, hoping to find the right people to work together with. I wrote on Facebook about my future label plans, and wasn’t really expecting demos just yet. Only few minutes later Seka sent me an email and asked to check these 2 songs. I felt straight away that those grooves had something right, so I tried them both that night, and even tho they were still rough demos, they worked a treat. People were smiling during those 2 mini-catchy-swing numbers, so I was sold. Seka became part of the adventure, and while I hope that you are gonna play this record, I am excited to have him in the Congaloid team, cause his new demos are sounding really good too…”