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In coming weeks, GDD™ will be joining forces with our friends around the world for collaborative editions of The Dirt. So far, we’ve teamed up with Discobelle and Stoney Roads, and this week we’ve put together a comprehensive 10-pack of tracks with our buddy Brandon over at Elektro Magazine. All 10 are available for download, so head on after the jump to see what we have in store for you this week!

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Our favorite coconut water, Vitacoco, and Sultan of Summertime, Viceroy, have teamed up to bring you the Vita Tapes. A special mixtape series to keep you dancing all year long with a tropo state of mind while you stay fully hydrated!

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Another tropical heater given away by one of our favorite labels, French Express, and by none other than Jonas Rathsman. This guy has been churning out awesome deep tropical tracks that are very infectious and layered.  This was the last “mystery” track in Tropicool’s Solé fixtape, and the generous Mr. Rathsman is giving it away for free; and i quote, “The price is one teardrop of happiness.”  This is not only a great example of what a great song should sound like, but its a great example of how an artist and label should behave as well.  Hats off.

Fixtapes are Mixtapes geared specifically for your ride. This tape is about constant motion and positive vibes to keep your legs cranking while your heart is pumping. It’s a new series by the Sole Bicycle guys which will feature a new artist every month resulting in quite an awesome compilation. I, Tropicool, was lucky enough to kick things off with Volume One. Enjoi!

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Earlier today, the label that is doing massive things in the deep disco realm, French Express, gave us a treat with previews of upcoming releases from Jonas Rathsman and Chris Malinchak. It seems that Jonas created his track with a sort of peak-time consciousness, while Chris took on a mellower mood with a UK garage type sound. July is definitely going to be heating up with the release of these awesome tracks, but until then, make use of the streams after the jump.

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The crusader of cool, Mr. Chris Malinchak just polished off the finishing touches on his 3rd studio EP from the awesome French label, French Express. The label happens to be home to feel-good kings and GDD™ favorites: Jonas Rathsman, Perseus, & Moonboots to name a few.  Chris’ new album features 5 tracks bringing back the funk while offering just the right amount of diversity. The title track “There I Was (Again)” is absolutely amazing, but I have to say my loyalty lies with “Fuego”, the track that was featured on The Magician‘s previous Magic Tape. Check out streaming of the entire EP after the jump!

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If Jonas Rathsman were slightly more consistent with his output of “monthly” mixtapes, his name would be right up there along side The Magician, Aeroplane + Edwin Van Cleef as the most hotly anticipated mixtapes each month.  But since October, he’s done an October, January, Spring and now April mix.  All fantastic but a little scattered with the consistency.  But who gives a damn, right?  Bottom line: Jonas Rathsman’s mixtapes are fucking brilliant.  His brand of deep, noirish disco + pulsating deep house give his mixes a darker + edgier sound that puts him a notch ahead of his peers on the coolness scale.  His April Mix is no exception…check out the coolness below.

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Jonas Rathsman’s new Spring Mix 2012 epitomizes all that is fresh + invigorating with electronic music today.  The mix is chock full of deep, sexy + soulful goodness with tracks by Mr. Rathsman’s FRΞNCH ΞXPRΞSS labelmate Chris Malinchak, Luv Shack Records’ (my new favorite label) Lee Stevens and a freshly brewed Tagteam Terror remix of the universally loved “Tobago” (just to name a few).

Springtime love starts NOW…

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For all those that love getting a tan in the winter, thongs thinner than dental floss, and glistening bootay reflected off the Mediterranean Sea, this mix tape is for you. By our very own Tropicool, this tape will put the funk back in your step and make your day sparkle brighter than a disco ball at Studio 54. There are tons of exclusives littered in this mix tape and all for your aural pleasure. Enjoi, and let the Tropo-funk warm your soul.

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Often times words like “finally” or “at long last” are used when describing our relief & excitement towards a song’s release.  Being someone who covers music as we do, our time seems to be converted a little bit differently than most.  In the case of “Tobago” by Jonas Rathsman, we first heard the track on previews and mixtapes about three months ago and now the track is getting its full release today.  Our GDD™ Time Conversion Chart would tell us that waiting three months for a track to be released actually equates to about eight full months of agony and pain for having to suffer through those damn one and half minute previews or low quality set rips from The Magician’s Magic Tapes.  Life can be rough sometimes.

So, after “months” of waiting, at long last FRΞNCH ΞXPRΞSS is releasing Jonas Rathsman’s “Tobago” EP. “Tobago” is easily one of the deepest, sexiest tracks of 2011. Along with the title track, the EP also features the equally brilliant “Feeling You”.  The “Tobago” EP is out TODAY exclusively on Beatport.

And, hot off the press, check out the AMAZING [!} brand spankin’ new video for “Tobago” filmed by Jesper Bolmén…a must view in full screen only!