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It’s no mystery that Calvin Harris created another hit in his radio single “Blame”, but Chicago-based Good Life have taken the chart-topper and given it the deeper transformation it needed. The pop vocals of John Newman get covered into a down-tempo Tropical house vibe, leaving the track stripped of its big room energy and into a dark and sexier tone. Spreading their “Good Life” mantra, they offer it for FREE DOWNLOAD, and here’s what they had to say:

“Sometimes you make decisions that feel so necessary and so right in that moment you don’t realize that you’re making a huge mistake. That’s what this song is about. It’s about being so caught up in the night and what you’re doing that you completely forget that your actions will linger when the sun comes up. And the only explanation you have is the fact that the night just simply took over.”

Good People + Good Vibes = Good Life


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After a successful series of our artist collaboration Dirts, we’re back to our original format of free tracks & Dirt babes!  Did ya miss us?

What better way to start your weekend early than with 11 hand picked tunes, zipped for your convenience?  As far as music goes, we’re extremely pleased with our selections of disco, house, and cosmic bass… topped off with a supremely cosmic dirt babe’s ___ !

OH Doyle’s Zip
Steven’s Zip

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