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“The good people at CRAP asked me ‘What is techno?”. I figured the best way to answer this question would be to put together an hour and a half long mix, showcasing a variety of records that may not necessarily be techno, but once put together in the right context, the techno becomes quite clear. Some of these tracks are fast and some of them are slow, from producers who have coincidentally understood exactly the frequency that I am vibrating at! This mix would be my ideal party, whether it’s in a warehouse, Bar Mitzvah or CRAP party!” - Jensen Interceptor

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Hardened by years touring the world as half of pseudo-kitsch acid-electro force Light Year, and now gone solo, Jensen Interceptor is unleashing the raw, elastic-funk techno of his dreams upon the world.

With the split of Light Year and end to the Bang Gang era, Jensen Interceptor has dug his claws deep into the skin of techno, letting us know he will still prevail. Riding on the wings of respected labels Twin Turbo and Motorik, Jensen has released his newest EP INTERCEPTION – a colossal (4) track ride through club techno and onto the deeper side of things.

Listen + download Jensen Interceptor’s recent 90 minute DJ set – Live @ Survivor No.2…


We’ve got (2) names you need to get used to this year. Ex-member of  Light Year now called Jensen Interceptor just remixed the ex-member of Hey Today! now called Nickel. That’s all I’m personally gonna tell you about Jensen because the bio on his facebook is more than amazing and needs to be read:


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