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Exciting times as LA producer Jean Raw has put out a new original this week, calling upon some North African influence in a mover titled “Moroccan Love.” It’s been a bit since we heard an original production from Jean Raw. His focus in the past 6 months has been on his remix game, putting out his renditions for the likes of Lorde, Rhye, Sam Smith, and more for free via his Soundcloud. I’ve been a big fan of all of them, but “Moroccan Love” has brought Jean Raw up a level in my book. His strong use of horns in here along with a beautiful sonic backdrop make up a very solid House tune. Like I’ve said before, keep close watch on this one. √+

16 year old Lorde is taking the world by storm. Selling out her debut shows recently in New York and Los Angeles and selling them out again in massive venues in major cities this fall, the young singer/songwriter seems to be a prodigy of sorts, and everyone seems to get it. Hailing from New Zealand, Lorde will be releasing her debut album, Pure Heroine, this September, which is expected to top charts around the globe after she became the first solo female singer in 17 years to top Billboard’s Alternative chart. Crazy, right? Well, in honor of her adding more dates to her insanely popular tour upcoming, we wanted to showcase a pair of remixes of her hit track “Royals” that are not as good as the original, but very good nonetheless.

The first is from GDD™ homie, Jean Raw, who keeps an uplifting vibe — screaming for fun, daytime play.

The second is from UTRB (Until the Ribbon Breaks), who will be performing as a live band for all 8 dates of Lorde’s upcoming tour as direct support. This one is more of a reinterpretation than a remix, or as UTRB put it — a “reimagination.” Very pleasant and well put together.

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On deck for this week’s GDD™ Guest Mix is Los Angeles-based producer, Jean Raw, who has been churning out successful remixes over the past few months for names like Rhye, Sam Smith, and even Sly and the Family Stone. His musical selection tends to lean toward the emotional, sensual side of House music, bringing in deep, vocal vibes into much of this mix. If you’re into it, keep a close watch on this guy’s Soundcloud. Lots of potential in Jean Raw…


A few weeks back I included a new favorite up and comer of mine in my Dirt selection that produces under the moniker, Jean Raw — a Los Angeles native that came under my radar and hasn’t left since. While I was crossing the country the past two weeks on the #GDDRV, the dude unveiled two new remixes of some unlikely candidates, but each showcases the inherent talent I heard in his remix of Sam Smith that I originally fell in love with.

I’ve been listening to Sly and the Family Stone since I was in diapers, but I never thought they could sound like this. Jean Raw digs deep and comes out with an incredibly soulful House tune that gets emotional at times. Bits of funk here and there as well. An incredible re-creation.

From a solemn, sentimental downtempo introduction, Jean Raw takes this top notch Rhye track into an uplifting, tasteful Deep House remix. It’s been on repeat for the better part of the day, and it’s not getting old.

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My good friend aRod and I have selected 10 tunes this week for your listening pleasure. We went pretty eclectic as per usual with any Dirt, so download them individually or download both zips for the whole enchilada. Happy Dirt day folks.

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