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Over the past couple of years, we’ve been supporting the burgeoning disco ambassador from across the pond, Jack LNDN. While producing a handful of brilliant remixes, such as his hit rendition of Porter Robinson’s “Language,” he has been refining his already distinctive sound behind-the-scenes. He now manifests this revitalized signature style with the release of his new Drop Out EP, which we have the pleasure of premiering for you.

From the Timothy Leary-infused beginnings in the title track, “Drop Out,” to the feel-good vibes in “In Paradisum,” the EP showcases a more mature Jack LNDN that seems to have pin-pointed the music that resonates within his soul. By blending layers of dreamy melodies, spacey atmospheres, and groove-driven rhythms, he has created a piece that will keep listeners coming back for more. Listen/download the EP below and keep watch as Jack LNDN emerges from the UK.

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Playing classical music was of the utmost importance in the early years of JackLNDN, but after his first visit to Ibiza as a teen, the trajectory of his life was changed dramatically. Electronic dance music had taken a hold of him, and he quickly embraced the scene as a DJ, then inevitably as a producer. Not only has he already shared the stage with several of the biggest names in the industry such as Annie Mac, Pendulum, Skream, and Crookers, but he has also been developing his fresh, unique style that evades categorization by his incorporation of multiple genres into an individual track. With his musical background that well exceeds his age of 20 years old, his potential is seemingly endless, and I’m looking forward to watch him grow and establish himself further. Listen and vote for his excellent remix of Zedd‘s “Spectrum,” and grab the GDD exclusive free download of his massive electro-house tune, “Regnab.” ‘s on the Hype Machine are always appreciated as well.

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