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Reaching the end to his US tour with an intimate performance this Saturday night @ HARLOT in San Francisco, the house legend Sander Kleinenberg took a minute to to tell us how the summer has been how he’s evolved with the scene…

GDD: You’re nearing the end of your US Summer Tour. How have the shows been so far? Bigger scale or more intimate performances?
SK: Shows have been great, mostly intimate clubs, 500 capacity hang outs, but also a festival in Chicago that really was fun to do.

GDD: Whats the difference you see in the US tour dates versus playing shows like your ibiza residency?
SK: Not a lot to be honest, house music is a universal thing you know ; )

GDD: You’ve been DJng and producing for over 15 years – how has the music scene shaped your sound from what it was to where it is now? Was there outside influence or have you always made your own path?
SK: I travel a path less travelled and took some chances that ended up being inspiring and exciting, its not always the easiest path but its the most rewarding in the end. i dont really have major influences but people like Larry Levan, Laurent Garnier, Diplo, Sasha etc are heroes to me. People that made and make a difference.

GDD: Who are some of your favorite producers right now?
SK: I love Sharam Jey, Kolombo, Botan, i like that low tempo funk disco thing they call Nu-Disco a lot.

GDD: You play HARLOT in San Francisco this Saturday. What’s so special about the city?
SK: San Francisco always has the wind of change blowing through its fundaments, thats a fact that is very exillerating.

Come out to Harlot SF tomorrow for an intimate DJ set from Sander, alongside our very own BONES!


Tomorrow night we have the New York natives Wolf + Lamb kicking off our new DTLA warehouse happening called BASS HAÜS, pouring their heart and soul into a 4 hour extended vinyl set. This one is set to be something special, and we wanted to catch up with the guys for quick 5 questions just off the top…

GDD: Favorite city in the world to play?
W+L: These vagabond shoes, They are longing to stray, Right through the very heart of it, New York, New York

GDD: Biggest inspiration growing up?
W+L:  getting the hell out of the hasidic community and into the big bad world of sex, drugs and dance music

GDD: Longest set ever played and where was it?
W+L: 10 hours at Burning Man, warped final scratch records, an inch of dust and a lot of memories…

GDD: How did the union/collaborative performances with Soul Clap come to be?
W+L: They sent us some edits that they done, which at the time was a style we knew really little about, then we met on Skype interestingly enough and invited them down to the marcy, our home in new york.. took about an hour before we were in deep.

GDD:  With its growing exposure do you see deep house and garage being the next big thing in the US?
W+L: Probably not, it’s always a foundation but never seems to have enough teeth to make it to the big-time. then again, we never woulda thought Skrillex would be pop…

We have teamed up with Faux Entertainment RollingTUFF, and Music Is 4 Lovers to bring you a taste of the underground… We invite all of you to come to the debut event, held in downtown Los Angeles on July 17th @ the Think Tank Gallery. Fusing music with the local art culture, Bass Haüs reincarnates the beloved underground party within the art filled walls of the venue. This great lineup paired with the cool warehouse-esque vibe of Bass Haus will put all attendees in high spirits. So come get nostalgic, celebrate our culture, and dance the night away to the tunes of Wolf + Lamb, Jon Dadon, and Bones & Troy Kurtz!


Nicole Moudaber has been taking the Techno world by storm lately. Starting out years ago as a prodigy to Carl Cox to recently releasing the well-received ”Believe” LP it seems that the only direction she is headed is up! We were lucky enough to catch her 4 hour set at Cielo in New York last month and got a few minutes to find out about her upcoming collaborations, thoughts on the industry and future plans! Check it after the jump!

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The rising RVCA-affiliated dance music producer/DJ, Rankin, has given us the exclusive on his exceptional debut EP, The Stagger, that is oozing with sun-kissed Southern California vibes. From jazzy liquid drum ‘n’ bass to lush mid-tempo soundscapes and smooth, deep grooves, the Newport Beach native showcases his multifaceted dexterity in production paired with his keen sense of style. Rankin‘s The Stagger EP is definitely a must-have release and is sure to be featured on playlists far and wide – just in time for Summer. Listen/download below.

Additionally, we had a chance to chat with Rankin to give you more insight into the mind behind this music. Check out the interview after the jump that includes info about The Stagger EP, how surfing has influenced his music, the growth of the Orange County dance music scene, how he wants to ride a shark, and much more.

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Last week I got to quickly catch up with one of my newest favorite people to share a LOL with, Petey from North Carolina duo Clicks & Whistles. I first discovered Clicks & Whistles when AC Slater intro’d me to their EP that was to be released on his label Party Like Us… since then I’ve grown to have a large appreciation for the Clicks & Whistles sound, a sort of Southern-influenced intelligent interpretation of dance music. From tracks like “Fumando” (on Salva’s Frite Nite imprint) to “2 Much Higher” (on Kastle’s Symbols), Clicks & Whistles combine engineering prowess with Dirty South background to anthemic and danceable effect.

What I enjoy most about Petey is his infectious charisma that flows seamlessly from his DJ sets to his personality. Whenever he’s around the air is light-hearted which is a great asset to have. To be quite honest I had completely forgotten my sheet of questions so most of this is a bit willy nilly and was oft-interjected by 12th Planet and Protohype interjecting with a question or noise… but even so Petey and I handled it like absolute pro’s and shared many a LOL which is sort of the point, so here we go:

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One of my biggest delights in life is seeing a boss lady hold her own amongst a crew of dudes. Enter Louisahhh, the reigning queen of Bromance, a record label literally named with dudes in mind. After moving from down the street to the depths of Paris, I finally caught up with my fellow short-haired princess in Miami. After a lengthy and insightful lunch at The Standard, discussing the antics of the Bromance crew to the politics and progression of the industry, riding bikes and Avicii carts around South Beach, and an astoundingly ludicrous trip to Miami’s most infamous Hard 2 Leave strip club party, I left WMC as charmed as ever by one of the most soft-spoken yet commanding females I know. That could only mean one thing: get her on board for a LOLerview!

Check after the jump for a really delightful edition of For The LOLs, and make absolutely sure to check out her upcoming EP on Bromance, Transcend, out on the 22nd of April. It’s amazing.

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“I want you to all smell a dubplate because they smell really good. You might never get to smell one ever again…”

Vivian Host, aka Star Eyes hands me a dusty disc, an old DnB record from Renegade Hardware. I smell it and have to admit, it smells perfect. Like old musty books but better, because it’s music. On the bed sits Jess Gentile, better known as Jubilee. We’re chillin’ in the infamous 181 spot in Brooklyn, Vivian’s current residence, while our lovely photographer, Kaitlin Parry of Shoot People, sets up for this Gotta Dance Dirty exclusive look into the lives and music of two of the best bass DJs and producers around.

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Last Wednesday, I stopped by The Brooklyn Bowl for the sold out Infected Mushrooms DJ set. People rushed the stage, tons of stage dives happend (including one by me) and everyone had an all around rad time. Check out this interview I got before the show, we talk about their new 3D mapping stage production, Erez’s hair, and the ultimate question: Who would you rather fight, 1 horse sized duck, or 100 duck sized horses.

I’ve been waiting a long time for this. With my heart reasonably tied to the sounds of the UK, part of me squeals with joy when I see one of the young artists pushing the new era of garage come to the states. It means something real; that the music that the UK has been an advocate of for ages now has finally touched down in the US, that the was once behind-the-curve American market for dance music may slowly be catching up. Disclosure, consisting of Howard and Guy, two very young brothers (18 & 21) have quickly risen to the forefront of this kind of sound, and lucky for LA, they headlined an amazing live show at the El Rey to a sold out crowd of costumed enthusiasts on Halloween.

I’m pretty sure something has to be said that every single song they’ve made has been released, and on top of that, they’re all hits. These kids quite literally hopped on to making garage style music after falling in love with Burial’s Untrue two years ago, and ever since then it’s been a whirl of success, with a free EP garnering them masses of downloads & “What’s In Your Head” in every single DJ rotation, radio show, and mixtape this summer.

As everyone was doing some last minute costume prepping before heading to the El Rey that night, I jetted over to the historic venue to have a chat with the boys before the show. Their young faces & Howard’s aside that he misses England were perhaps the only things indicating their age; the boys otherwise spoke and performed as though they were much older. Great guys, pleasant interview, a real treat. Later, after I arrived to the always great Samo Sound Boy‘s set, there was a pleasantness in the air unlike other shows; a kind of unspoken knowledge of the oxytocin-laced, subtle booty-shake set that Disclosure was about to provide. And that’s exactly what it was. After opening with “Control”, the boys worked rather seamlessly together in their live show, leaving perhaps the entire audience with a smile on their face the entire time. Whatever it is they are doing, they are doing it right. I’m very much looking forward to the boundless future of Disclosure, and happily await their return.

Until then, get your digs with the interview, and their very awesome mix for The Fader below.

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A week ago I hit up The Presets at Terminal 5 for an interview and to check out their show. Catch the review of their live performance and news on what they will be up to in the future, what they plan on wearing for Halloween (sexy nurse anyone?) and their thoughts on the EDM surge in America and upcoming Techno album below!

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